Jamie Weatherford celebrates in victory lane after winning the 2018 Myrtle Beach 250. (Corey Latham photo)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC – Jamie Weatherford surged to the victory in the Myrtle Beach 250 on Saturday night, passing Josh Lowder late in the race and holding off challenges during a series of restarts.

Weatherford, a veteran at Myrtle Beach Speedway, passed Lowder on a lap 61 restart when Lowder, who had dominated the race up to that point, spun his tires.  He was able to hold Lowder at bay and then when Lowder was involved in a sequence of events that led to him parking his car, Weatherford held off Chris Chapman for the win.

“We finally have a pretty good racecar here,” Weatherford said.  “Dial it in this week and get it a little better for next week.  It’s definitely a better piece than what we’ve had.  We were lucky to dodge the wrecks, thank God we weren’t in them.  I lost my dad back in February.  He started me racing in 1979.  Just a hard deal.  Miss him every day.”

Chapman was frustrated to finish second again in the Myrtle Beach 250, a race that has eluded him for years.  However, he was happy at the same time to come away with a second.  Late in the race, Chapman nearly spun around when Lowder washed up into him.  He was able to hold on to the car without losing any positions when the caution came out moments later for an incident between Lowder and Austin Green.

“This is probably the best car we’ve ever had here,” Chapman stated.  “These guys worked their butts off.  This thing’s been quick all weekend.  [Justin Hicks] run down and hit our right front wheel and knocked the tow in on lap 20 or something and it got tight ever since then.  We had to hang on and do whatever we could.  The last restart, he kept rolling up and rolling back, he kind of messed with me and I fell into it.  He got me.  That’s the sixth time we’ve been second.  Maybe one day we’ll get it.”

Cameron Hedgecock methodically raced his way to a third-place finish while Boo Boo Dalton and Adam Murray rounded out the top-five.

Unofficial Results

  1. Jamie Weatherford
  2. Chris Chapman
  3. Cameron Hedgecock
  4. Boo Boo Dalton
  5. Adam Murray
  6. Austin Somero
  7. Brandon Lemke
  8. Mack Little
  9. Mitch Walker
  10. Trevor Rizzo
  11. Penn Crim, Jr.
  12. Brandon Cox
  13. AJ Walsh
  14. Heath Causey
  15. Jason Myers
  16. Spencer Childers
  17. Spenser Morgan
  18. Gage Painter
  19. Mason Ludwig
  20. Jonathan Cash
  21. JJ June
  22. Amber Slagle
  23. Chris Honeycutt
  24. Chris Huffman
  25. Josh Lowder
  26. Austin Green
  27. Jeremy Pelfrey
  28. Justin Hicks
  29. Matt Linker
  30. Jimmy Wallace
  31. Monty Cox
  32. Archie Adams, Jr.
  33. Adam Congrove
  34. Ryan Glenski
  35. Thad Moffitt
  36. Chase Janes
  37. Hannah Bell
  38. Wesley Hawkins
  39. Gary Young, Jr.