So, after a couple weeks have settled from the MB 400 weekends, and with Christmas around the corner you would think things would be calming down and boredom would have set in by now. That is not the case for our team. We are working vigorously to prepare for 2015 and trying to put deals together on our short winter break.

We went to Myrtle Beach with everything our team could do to end the season on a positive note. In the end it would ultimately pay off. We started the challenger race 12th, and would finish 4th in a 28 car field. We were up to 2nd at one point, but used our tires up trying to stay in the top 3. On Sunday we qualified 28th out of 46 cars, and then the rain came. Once the track was dry and we were able to start the race it would be a hard task to stay smooth and save tires.

The first 25 laps of the race were ran under caution which changed the game plan drastically. We would end up only getting to 13th before the checkered flag fell. I learned a ton from the driver’s seat about the car, track and myself over this weekend. Our entire team learned valuable information and feel like for the first time this year the hard work paid off. No, it wasn’t a victory for our team, but it was a great feeling to walk away knowing that we had a shot of possibly being in contention to win. It felt really great just being up front and figuring this car out at the beach.

As we move on for 2015, we are working on many deals and possibilities. We want to thank our sponsors, fans, friends, and families for your support during 2014. God has allowed our team to be used to be a poisitive impact at each event. I look forward to sharing soon about our plans for next season! Special thanks to all of our sponsors: ECR Software, Williams Ebeling Enterprises, WrenchRags, Integrity Motorsports, NCN Ministries, ARbodies, Vintage City Church, JE Diesel,,, and Heintz Performance. Also, thanks to my team for all of your hard work throughout the season. Without you guys (and Ladies) we could not be doing what we are doing.