Dennis Holdren has been known to compete in several divisions on the same night but with twin races in both the Late Model Stock Cars and Mod4 divisions at Motor Mile Speedway tonight, the veteran driver is going to get an extra workout.

Holdren, who competes full-time in the Super Street division and has also been substitute driving for injured Mod4 driver Jessie Yopp, will also compete in the twin Late Model Stock Car races.  Holdren won the most recent race in the Mod4 division and has won the last three races in the Super Street division and hopes to add more trophies tonight.

“First of all I hope the track works with me and let me get in and out of all these cars,” Holdren told Motor Mile Speedway’s JW Martin during a Facebook live video earlier today. “As soon as I get out of the Late Model, I’ll run over here and get in the Mod4 and get out of the Mod4 and I think I get one race break there. Then I get in the Super Street and do it all over again with the Mod4 and the Late Model.”

Holdren hopes he’s ready for all the laps he’ll turn tonight.

“Hopefully I get a lot of fluids in me and we’re able to tackle this chore.”

Holdren will be seeking his fourth straight victory in the Super Street division but due to track rules on multiple wins, he’ll have to start shotgun on the field. He knows it’ll take patience to get back to the front to have a chance at winning again but his team is excited about climbing to second in the points already despite missing the season opener.

“My whole team is kinda pumped,” Holdren said. “It’s kinda exciting chasing points. Everybody likes to know they’re doing very well in a division that they come out to try and get into. For us to be 15 points behind is a testament to all the help I’ve been given this year. Our goal tonight is just to be very patient and let the race play out the way it should play out and hopefully, if we’re up in the top five we’ll have a great night.”

Holdren will also be looking for his second straight win in the Mod4 division after battling to get by veteran Kirby Gobble late last week. You can catch all the action at Motor Mile Speedway tonight at 7:00pm.