MARTINSVILLE, VA – Two 50 lap heat races will be held on Saturday afternoon to lock in the second half of the 40 car field that will chase $32,000 and a grandfather clock in the ValleyStar Credit Union 300 at Martinsville Speedway.

The 20 fastest drivers in Friday night’s qualifying session were locked into the 200-lap feature event.  The rest of the more than 40 drivers will have to run one of two heat races with the lineups for the heat races set by their qualifying times.

Matt Leicht and Brennan Poole will lead their respective heat races to the green flag when heat races commence around 3pm EST.  The top 10 drivers from each 50 lap heat race will transfer into the feature event.

Here’s a look at how they should lineup, based on qualifying:

WP Racing Shocks Heat Race Lineups

Heat race #1

  1. Matt Leicht
  2. Kres VanDyke
  3. Jake Crum
  4. Mike Looney
  5. Brenden Queen
  6. Colin Garrett
  7. Jamey Caudill
  8. Mike Darne
  9. Bruce Anderson
  10. Matt Waltz
  11. Brandon Clements
  12. Lucas Williams
  13. Jacob Heafner
  14. B.J. Mackey
  15. Kyle Dudley
  16. Zack Clifton
  17. Justin Hicks
  18. Jimmy Wallace
  19. Annabeth Barnes Crum
  20. Owen Smith
  21. Kyle Southern
  22. Jamie Sweeny
  23. Mack Tatum
  24. Ryan Millington

Heat Race #2

  1. Brennan Poole
  2. Jonathan Findley
  3. Jeff Oakley
  4. Sammy Smith
  5. Steve Zacharias
  6. Derrick Lancaster
  7. Davin Scites
  8. Stacy Puryear
  9. Kevin Leicht
  10. Austin Thaxton
  11. Brandon Pierce
  12. Trevor Ward
  13. Nik Williams
  14. Tyler Matthews
  15. Camden Gullie
  16. Chase Dixon
  17. Grayson Cullather
  18. Jason Barnes
  19. G.R. Waldrop
  20. Eric Winslow
  21. Dylan Ward
  22. Bobby Gillespie
  23. Amber Lynn
  24. Daryn Cockram

Daryn Cockram and Ryan Millington did not take times in qualifying, which heat race they would be sorted into, if they still attempt to make the show, is not known.