MYRTLE BEACH, SC :: Haley Moody started on the pole and led wire-to-wire to score her first Limited Late Model victory on Friday night in the SouthEast Limited Late Model’s Challenger race at Myrtle Beach Speedway.  Moody dedicated the victory to her father, Jerry, who has been diagnosed with multiple forms of cancer and other illnesses.

“The car was really good,” Moody said.  “Everybody who helped me today got it to where it needed to be.  This was really for my dad.  He’s always helped me race so this was a big one.  This is my first Limited win.”

Moody’s father was diagnosed with two forms of cancer.  He was on hand to watch his daughter score her first career Limited Late Model victory.  After the race, the family drove him down to Victory Lane so he could cherish the moment with his daughter.  The emotional moment when father and daughter united in victory lane was bittersweet and the moment was somber for the entire Moody family.

“This was a big win for us,” Moody commented.  “Maybe this will get some people talking and we can get sponsorship for next year.”

Moody has not decided whether or not she will race in the SouthEast Limited Late Model Pro race on Sunday.  Moody has two wins on the season in the Charger division at Southern National Motorsports Park on the season.

Ryan Shattuck finished in second after a hard fought battle with Kevin Ellis.

“(Haley) was quick,” Shattuck explained.  “We had a good car.  Chase Pistone gave me the best equipment he could give me, just didn’t have enough at the end.  I can’t thank everybody enough.  We had a rocket ship out here.  It was a lot of fun.  Second race ever, second place, I like it!”

Kevin Ellis went on to finish third with Brandon Gosso finishing fourth and Allen Huffman finishing fifth.  Raymond Polk, Nick Leitz, Duncan Grant, Adam Congrove and Chase Hunt rounded out the top-10.

Unofficial Results

1. #50 Haley Moody
2. #51 Ryan Shattuck
3. #14 Kevin Ellis
4. #32G Brandon Gosso
5. #25H Allen Guffman
6. #87 Raymond Polk
7. #24 Nick Leitz
8. #4G Duncan Grant
9. #19 Adam Congrove
10. #13 Chase Hunt
11. #33 Andrew Cordell
12. #1A Archie Adams, Sr.
13. #22M Dan Moore
14. #22 Jackie Ward
15. #71 Gary Davis
16. #61 Michael O’Brien
17. #9 Willie Grainger
18. #27 Joe Armakovitch
19. #97 Sean Gartner
20. #25P Remington Prince
21. #14T Talon Gallimore
22. #18 Anthony Adams
23. #4H Dylan Hall
24. #11 Edward Williams
25. #6 Justin Fontaine
26. #2 Dan Bryant
27. #32A Andre Bauer
28. #77 Garrett Marchant
29. #1B Bryant Barnhill — DNS


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