Looking to turn around a roller coaster season, Greg Edwards put his stamp on VFW Night at the Races with a clean sweep of twin 75-lap Late Model Stock Car races for his first wins of the season.

Edwards brother Danny already has two wins on the season but Greg, a multi-time track champion had gone winless all season despite eight top-five finishes leading into this night. In qualifying, he kept his brother off the pole as they secured an all Edwards front row and led Connor Hall, Mark Wertz, and Brenden Queen to the start in front of the 12-car field.

The top five carried each of our nations armed forces on their cars with Greg Edwards carrying the Air Force colors, Danny Edwards Jr with the Marines, Connor Hall wore the Coast Guard colors with Mark Wertz donning the Army insignia and Brenden Queen having Navy Colors on his ride for the night.

G. Edwards would put his ride out front fast in the first of twin 75-lap races and with little to no challenge he would ride off into the sunset for his first victory of the season.

“Like Reverend Potter said, turn a set back into a comeback,” proclaimed Edwards from victory lane. “We were dead last in the Hampton Heat, worked on this car, never gave up. Charlie High gave me a brand new motor to put in here and this thing is a bullet. The car was just good all day, we were pretty happy about it in practice, it wasn’t the fastest but it was consistent. Maybe these last seven races, we have a chance to come back.”

D. Edwards, Wertz, and Hall finished second through fourth and the only cars on the lead lap at the end of the race after G. Edwards set a blistering pace during the 75-lap feature. Terry Carroll would round out the top five finishers ahead of Queen, Thomas Marks, Justin Carroll, Bubba Johnston and Craig Eastep who completed the top ten finishers.

D. Edwards would elect to start at the rear of the field for the second race knowing that he’d have to start at least eighth due to the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series twin race invert rule. The invert put J. Carroll on the pole for the second race with Marks, Queen, T. Carroll, and Hall lined up behind him for the start. J. Carroll would grab the lead on the start of the second feature but his time out front would be short lived as Hall rocketed to the lead on lap five.

Also on the move was second-place finisher from the first race, D. Edwards who moved to second bringing Wertz with him to third. Hall would hold a ten car length lead over D. Edwards and Wertz but those two would battle for the second spot with Wertz taking the position. Behind them, G. Edwards was on the march and had made it to fourth by lap 20. G. Edwards continued to move forward and by halfway he was clearly the fastest car on track and was closing on Wertz and Hall for the top two spots.

A couple of laps later G. Edwards moved by Wertz for second and began tracking down the leader who had a healthy lead over him at this point. G. Edwards wouldn’t be denied on this night though and made his way to Hall’s bumper and around him before a late race caution would wave. Following the caution, G. Edwards completed the night with his second win ahead of Wertz, who got around Hall for second. Hall would finish third with Eastep and Paul Debolt completing the top finishers in race two.

“We elected to start (last) with the cars that were there I felt it was a better spot to fall back to so we could take our time coming through,” commented G. Edwards following his second win of the night. “I felt like I was able to save some tires trying to get to the front. This car has just come a long way since we started. Gotta thank everybody, thank God first. Everybody on this team works so hard, it’s a great night.”

Race Results #1:
1 – #97 Greg Edwards; 75
2 – #26e Danny Edwards Jr; 75
3 – #55 Mark Wertz; 75
4 – #77 Connor Hall; 75
5 – #90 Terry Carroll; 74
6 – #03 Brenden Queen; 74
7 – #88 Thomas Marks; 74
8 – #91 Justin Carroll; 74
9 – #16j Bubba Johnston; 74
10 – #25 Craig Eastep; 73
11 – #9 Rodney Boyd; 73
12 – #71 Paul Debolt; 11

Race Results #2:
1 – #97 Greg Edwards; 75
2 – #55 Mark Wertz; 75
3 – #77 Connor Hall; 75
4 – #25 Craig Eastep; 75
5 – #71 Paul Debolt; 75
6 – #26e Danny Edwards Jr; 75
7 – #16j Bubba Johnston; 75
8 – #03 Brenden Queen; 75
9 – #90 Terry Carroll; 74
10 – #9 Rodney Boyd; 73
11 – #91 Justin Carroll; 58
12 – #88 Thomas Marks; 28