Story by: Mark Rogers, Jr./ Contributor

Hampton, VA(August 25, 2011) — After cancellation of last weeks Late Model events due to weather at beautiful Langley Speedway, race teams had another work week in the race shops to prepare there cars and to go after current 2011 points leader, CE Falk.

Falk came into Saturday night with a huge wave of momentum winning the last six events at the famed 4/10 mile oval. He came into the nights race with a 20 plus points lead on second place driver and rival, Greg Edwards. G. Edwards who has paced Falk’s win streak with consistent second place finishes refuses to let Falk get away from him, but with just 5 races remaining on the Langley schedule and a extra week to prepare his Chevrolet Impala, it was time to make a move.

20-cars were on hand to take the green flag for the first of twin 50-lap races on the tough flat track and after qualifying was over, it was Wesley Falk, brother of point leader, CE Falk, who drove his #41 Ford Fusion to the pole and nailed a fast lap of 16.027(88.725mph). CE would qualify 2nd to make it a all EF Motorsports front row with G. Edwards and Shayne Lockhart making up row two as Danny Edwards, Jr., brother to Greg Edwards completed the top five qualifiers.

Wesley Falk would lead the 20-car field out of turn four as the green flag waved on race number one at Langley. Side by side Wesley and CE Falk going into turn1 with the battle for the lead continuing for two circuits and Wesley comes away with lead. G. Edwards will follow and take second from CE who gets in line for third. It was just a few laps later that CE would make his move and get by G. Edwards for second, dropping Edwards back to third. Caution would take the track on lap 10 from the spinning car of Dean Shifflett and Renno Marchetti IV tried to avoid Shifflett found himself bouncing off the backstretch wall.

When his car came to a rest it was Jeff Shifflett, brother to Dean with no where to go, collides with Marchetti as the wreck also causes a flat right front to the car of Chris Hopkins. The Shifflett’s, Marchetti and Hopkins would not return to finish this 50-lap race. On the restart, CE will try his luck on the outside of brother Wesley as the two would battle for four laps with CE taking the position and motoring by to take the lead. Once in front, CE was on a mission and G. Edwards was setting his sights on Wesley for second. It was Casey Wyatt to fourth and the biggest mover in the field was Mark Wertz now up to fifth from starting eighth in the field.

Exiting out of turn 2, Wesley Falk began to loose speed and brought his car down to the inside as engine troubles would sideline the pole sitter on lap 32. Four laps later, the yellow waves for the second time for Duane Shreeves who is pointing the wrong way over in turn two. The restart here would get interesting as Mark Wertz, who was running fifth before the caution, felt he had something for CE and chose the outside of this double-file cone restart. Greg Edwards stayed behind the leader with brother, Danny to his outside. Falk would get a great restart on Wertz heading into turn one with G. Edwards in tow as Wyatt shows some muscle and take third.

With 10 laps remaining, again Falk is able to get away from the field and leave the rest to battle. But then troubles would slow the field down as Rick Gdovic spins. Mitch Sarvis and Duane Shreeves are collected also in this third and final caution on lap 43. On this restart, Shayne Lockhart, who has kept his nose clean and has been steadily moving through the field got into position and took advantage of the double-file cone restart, lining up on the outside front row for the restart. As Falk brings the field out of turn four he’ll again get another great jump on this restart, with just seven laps remaining in the event, Falk will set sail with sights on another win. Greg Edwards will give chase but doing battle with Lockhart allowed Falk to drive away, Wyatt will hold off Lockhart who settles for fourth and Brandon Gdovic makes his way into the top five.

CE Falk, who came into this night having won the last six events at Langley Speedway will do it again on lap 50 to further extend his race winning streak to seven. Now it’s 10 wins on the season for Falk and he’ll pick up a few more points over Greg Edwards in his quest for a third straight championship. It will also put CE on the pole for the second race of the night as the field is set by the finishing order to the first race, giving the winningest driver this season an advatage heading into the second 50-lap race.

Due to the number of cars involved in crashes in the earlier race, only 15 Late Model Stock Cars made up the field for the nightcap. Things would get interesting real quick in this second 50-lap feature as the green flag waved. CE Falk and G. Edwards goes into turn one side by side when contact is made and at the same time, Wyatt, who started 3rd made a strong move to get a fender under Falk. Wyatt would go on by and take the lead, Falk would regroup and get back in line, but it was G. Edwards who will get the worst of this deal. He had to use the entire upper half of the track to save the car as many cars made their way by him.

More beating and banging was going on further in the pack and with just two laps on the scoreboard and the caution waves with Wyatt out front. When the smoke finally cleared in turn two from the crash Wertz, W. Falk, R. Gdovic, Terry Carroll, D. Edwards and G. Edwards were involved. Most of the cars involved were able to drive away with little damage, but W. Falk and D. Edwards went straight to the pits and parked their cars for the night. However possibly getting the worst of this wreck is G. Edwards, who came in second in the points standings and came away from this altercation with heavy damage to his machine.

Fortunately, G. Edwards is be able to continue as the ensuing restart saw Wyatt launch his machine out of turn four with B. Gdovic to his side. CE would follow Wyatt into turn one and as they entered turn two, Falk would get back to the throttle quicker than the leader and take the lead. Wyatt easily gets back in line for second, B. Gdovic is 3rd with Doug Godsey up to fourth and Shreeves runs fifth with five laps in the books. Falk began to run away with this race opening up at least a half a straightaway over Gdovic, who made his move on Wyatt to take over the second position.

Falk’s lead would go uncontested as laps were winding on down, but Wyatt would challenge Brandon Gdovic for second but Gdovic will hold the spot to the finish. Lockhart would make his way toward the front and get by Godsey for a few laps before Godsey would claim the spot back. The checkered flag is shown and its CE Falk who crosses the stripe first with Gdovic second followed by Wyatt, Lockhart, who was finally able to get by Godsey for 4th with Godsey claiming a top five in fifth.

With this win, Falk would extend his points lead over Greg Edwards, who managed to rally back for a ninth place effort in this event. With just three races remaining on the 2011 schedule CE Falk is in control of the points standings as he seeks to win his third straight championship on the challenging 4/10 mile track. Falk, through a crew chief change this season seems to have come out even stronger and the twin 50’s on Saturday night proved that he doesn’t have any serious challengers right now that can knock him out of Langley Speedway’s victory lane.

RACE #1:
1. CE Falk #40
2. Greg Edwards #21
3. Casey Wyatt # 29
4. Shayne Lockhart #95
5. Brandon Gdovic #46
6. Mark Wertz #55
7. Terry Carroll #90
8. Doug Godsey #05
9. Danny Edwards Jr #26
10. Rick Gdovic #64
11. Duane Shreeves #38
12. Mitch Sarvis #88
13. Wesley Falk #41
14. Dean Shifflett #12
15. Renno Marchetti IV #14
16. Jeff Shifflett #01
17. Chris Hopkins #99
18. Shawn Balluzzo #48
19. Mike Rudy #40R
20. Hudson Hall #21c

RACE #2:
1. CE Falk #40
2. Brandon Gdovic #46
3. Casey Wyatt #29
4. Shayne Lockhart #95
5. Doug Godsey #05
6. Mark Wertz #55
7. Rick Gdovic #64
8. Chris Hopkins #99
9. Greg Edwards #21
10. Duane Shreeves #38
11. Terry Carroll #90
12. Shawn Balluzzo #48
13. Dean Shifflett #21d
14. Danny Edwards Jr #26
15. Wesley Falk #41

Points Standings:
1. CE Falk 740
2. Greg Edwards 702
3. Danny Edwards Jr 590
4. Mark Wertz 506
5. Dean Shifflett 488
6. Jeff Shifflett 452
7. Terry Carroll 450
8. Shayne Lockhart 436
9. Wesley Falk 434
10. Casey Wyatt 432