The Staff has been hard at work trying to locate and upload all the 2016 race track and series schedules from tracks throughout the Mid-Atlantic region to compile the PigWire Schedule/Winners Page for the 2016 season.

Many of the race tracks and touring series have released their schedules already and we have most all of them entered into the PigWire Schedule/Winners Page.  Several race tracks and series have yet to release a schedule but we’ll be adding their schedules as we receive or unearth them.

The PigWire Schedule/ Winners Page is designed to keep fans up to date on not only upcoming events for each race track and touring series in the region but to also keep you up to date on who’s winning around the region when the season gets underway.

“We’ve been doing the PigWire Schedule/Winners Page since 2009,” said founder Langley Austin.  “It’s a place that not only drivers can go and find races to travel to but fans as well.  We use it throughout the year to keep our memories fresh on who’s winning around the region as well and we have fans all the time remark how much they like to keep up with that page for the latest winners and to see upcoming events they might not otherwise know about.”

The PigWire Schedule/Winners Page will stay up to date throughout the season with winners of races from around the region each week in addition to all the stories and Facebook and twitter updates that we make throughout the season to keep fans and teams up to date.

Check out the PigWire Schedule/Winners Page for all the latest on schedules and check back on the page throughout the season for all the winners and schedule updates.