Greg Edwards, pictured at Dominion Raceway. (Mark Rogers/ photo)

Longtime racing standouts Danny and Greg Edwards has made quite a name for themselves racing out of Hampton Virginias own Langley Speedway.

Between the two brothers, they both have had five track championships dating as far back as 1989 with numerous trips to Victory Lane. In their race shop at Edwards Motorsports is a room filled with trophies, memorabilia of years past and present. A room proof of the hard work, accomplishments and countless hours preparing race cars. But missing from the room is one particular trophy and that’s Martinsville Speedway’s prestigious Grandfather Clock. Only will the winners at Martinsville will ever have such a glorious gift proving to be the best on that given race day.

The now well-known ValleyStar Credit Union 300 has seen changes to its name throughout the years at Martinsville Speedway but the racing that the track tends to provoke hasn’t changed at all. The go or go home appeal forces racers to pull out all the stops just to make the field so survival is just as critical as going fast.

Danny and Greg Edwards has both had moderate success in this race but for them both, they aim to change all that in this year’s Valley Star 300. Known to be level headed, race as they are raced type of drivers, both share the veteran discipline needed in surviving and positioning themselves for the race win. While already I made mention several times in reference of the brothers as being, “both”, possibly insinuating that they race as one. Not hardly, for Danny and Greg when the lids go on and the belts are strapped tight. Hardnosed competitors they become and nothing will be different as they look to win in this year’s Martinsville Speedway’s ValleyStar Credit Union 300. was able to catch up with Danny and Greg Edwards, spend a bit of time with them at the race shop at Edwards Motorsports and get a feel of the vibe as both teams prepare for this great race. First off, we talked about returning to Martinsville and the feelings about being on the track.

“Martinsville is a fun time, it’s fun just seeing everybody again. You’re getting all those drivers together that everyone hasn’t seen in a long time so that a cool deal”, highlights Greg Edwards. “It’s fun when your fast and we rolled off the trailer fast, even when we messed up the car it still had speed. That’s one thing I found out about Martinsville is you got to have a good program, a good motor, good everything like that and when you mess it up and your still fast or still faster than a lot, its makes your confidence go up.”

“It was a good time, I mean, we had a great day and that’s makes it all the much better”, explained Danny Edwards. “The whole test day went really smooth for us, I felt we were well prepared when we got there so we didn’t have any issues. The car ran pretty good, felt pretty solid, you know, we were able to keep up with the track as it got rubbered in where the car stayed neutral all day and the adjustments worked for us so I felt pretty good.”

Then our conversations turned to what is needed more in winning this race, speed or lots of luck and fortune.

“That’s the million dollar question”, admits Danny. “I think you got to have both, you know, you can have good luck and fortune and have a good finish. But if you don’t have a fast race car you’re going to have a hard time winning.

Greg Edwards see’s it a bit differently.

“It’s a whole lot of luck and fortune, I see it as a survival race”, explained Greg Edwards. “I’ve always said here and the times I’ve done it, if you can keep all four fenders on the car till twenty laps to go or fifteen laps to go you’ll put yourself in the top almost every time. The guy that plays a smart race, is not aggressive, just avoid the accidents all day long and avoids the trouble will end up with a good finish.”

Lastly, we talked to both drivers, should the day go well and one of them ends up in Victory Lane. Just how sweet it would be for you and your race teams?

“Man, it would be huge, it’s something that I would love to tell my kids about”, expresses Greg Edwards. “Yeah, its huge, there’s only a small group of guys that have won that race and that race, people talk about you quite a bit about it so that’s kinda cool so I would love to be able to do that.”

Danny sums it up like this.

“Yeah, for me as the driver, it would be the biggest win for me”, claims Danny Edwards Jr. “With the circumstances we’ve been dealing with this year, it would be a huge accomplishment and dedication to John McMasters (2016) and for my father who’s not going to be able to make it. You know, he’s always been my spotter pretty much and he’s not going to be well enough to make the race so you know it would be a really big deal if we were lucky enough to find our way there (Victory Lane) but it’s a long race. We’re going to do the best we can do and just see where we end up”.

No doubt, Danny and Greg Edwards race entries highlights an already star studded field of racers capable of making their way to Victory Lane for Martinsville Speedway’s ValleyStar Credit Union 300. With a shop filled with laughter in between times when the wrenches were turning, confidence and a level of excitement looms over Edwards Motorsports.

The same level of enthusiasm that has won numerous races and championships at Langley Speedway comes back to Martinsville Speedway for this year’s Valley Star 300. Look for Danny and Greg Edwards as ones to watch when the green flag waves.