Dillon, SC, February 13th, 2012: After several years of anticipation, ASA-sanctioned, Dillon Motor Speedway finally unveils its multi-year marketing campaign, Full Throttle.

The new slogan represents the “Full Throttle” attitude that Dillon Motor Speedway and their fans have in all of the innovative ideas at the speedway. The ultimate goal is to surpass the cutting edge of promoting in the Pee Dee. Last year, the speedway experimented with new social media tactics, as well as a free race and the results surpassed all predictions.

“There is a lot in store for the 2012 season,” Owner Ron Barfield said. “From having a new interactive website to live streaming of a few selected races, I think that the fans will see every angle that the speedway has to offer this year. It’s thanks to all of our fans, teams and sponsors that this new idea has come to life.”

On March 10, Dillon Motor Speedway will kick the regular season off with a pay-per-view live streaming of the South Carolina Clash 150, Pro All Star Series (PASS) event. Fans will be able to watch live action from the speedway on their smartphones and computers as well as a few TVs that enables Internet connection for only $9.99.

The live streaming can be purchased through www.DillonMotorSpeedway.com, and it will allow the fans who dislike the weather that weekend or who are home-bound to sit comfortably in their own setting to view the live action at the speedway. The Full Throttle coverage of the PASS feature kicks off at 6 p.m. the week of the race. The speedway will also stream a few selected races throughout the season.

Another major improvement for Dillon Motor Speedway in 2012 is the unveiling of their interactive website that was launched on January 1. In 2012, it will be updated on a weekly basis with up-to-date press releases, photos and videos. Fans can become a member of the website and comment on various content. They can also upload pictures of their own.

“We’ve been working on Full Throttle for a few years now,” Director of Public Relations Hunter Thomas said. “Ron has been keeping up with the demographics and my colleagues and I have been promoting the speedway in ways like never before. Everyone has their own idea included into Full Throttle, and we definitely think that 2012 is the year to pull the trigger and see what happens.

Another aspect of Full Throttle is the Most Popular Driver Award. In January, the prestigious award was handed out at the Fifth Annual Champion’s Banquet. Fans

logged onto www.DillonMotorSpeedway.com and voted from a list of 40 drivers on who they thought deserved the award. Within 24 hours, the website recorded over 650 votes due to high activity between the drivers and their fans on Facebook. Regina Weatherford from Darlington S.C. was the inaugural winner of the highly competitive poll. The results showed that there were thousands of votes recorded from all over the country, and the margin of victory was by just a handful of votes.

“So far the new website and Most Popular Driver Award has been a huge success,” Director of Scoring and IT Services Chris Neal said. “I think it’s really important to have the fans active in everything that we do on the Internet. It’s a way for them to support their favorite driver or family member. These drivers and crews work hard every weekend, and it’s great to see the Carolinas embrace the unique lifestyle.”

Heading into the new season, Dillon Motor Speedway will continue to keep the Facebook and Twitter accounts up-to-date with pictures, videos and statuses. During most race weekend in 2012, a GoPro video will feature either a driver or a specific class on Facebook. Fans will get to see the race from a very unique angle and at times, view exactly what the driver is seeing during practice sessions and race conditions.

For more information, please visit www.DillonMotorSpeedway.com or the Facebook and Twitter page. You may also call the race hotline at 843.496.4790.