Wytheville, VA(June 26, 2009) — First there was “Crazy Corey” then there was “Bad Bowen” … now these two have decided to go Head2Head in what was originally supposed to be “Bowen’s Crystal Ball” and is now just know as “The Crystal Ball”. Hope you enjoy these two and their criticisms of each other as well as there thoughts on the Upcoming Races for this Weekend …

John Bowen: Welcome back to another addition of The Crystal Ball.. or last week i think both of us looked like we had snow globes. We have had a lot of positive feedback from the laughs we provided last week so we figured to keep going!

Corey Latham: It was definitely a week to forget with our picks, too bad you didn’t do that for the first part of the year for our Fantasy Racing … Where do we begin?

Bowen: Lets begin with Ace, a track in your backyard …

Corey: After seeing the domination of Speedy Faucette for the first half of the year, Rodney Cook put on a dominating performance last Friday. Every one of Speedy’s victories have been rather close, with Robert Turner beating on his back door, but Rodney pretty much destroyed the field last week. They said they finally have the car where they want it and it will be tough to beat him if it keeps coming to the track like that. As long as these guys have been in the game, I see no reason that it won’t.

Bowen: I’m going to do something I hate to do and say your right Corey! Rodney and the Pit Stop gang have been on a tear as of late and its very good to see Rodney running good after the rough off season that team has had.

Bowen: Now lets move to Tri-County which is a stones throwing distance from me.. Last week Dexter Canipe told me I was “stupid” for not picking him and he proved that to be true and I’m not going to let it happen again. I’m going to pick Dexter Canipe, Jr. to bring home to hardware this Friday night after having a night to forget at Hickory last week, when he got into that nasty wreck.

Corey: Hmmm…..that Wilson kid has been pretty good, but Canipe is the man right now. Your pick of LeFevers sweeping was off pretty bad, as I’m not even sure if he started the second race. Didn’t you lay money on that pick? Dexter has gotten in a grove, but David Wilson has the Lee Faulk Racing car humming pretty good picking up his 3rd win last Friday. Hard to say, but I’ll go with Dexter also … You are the man covering the races at Tri-County, you should get it right every week.

Corey: On to Hickory, the UARA makes a stop there this weekend for the first time this year, after the rain out earlier in the season. I’m going to pick Andy Mercer again … he’s not even racing, but somehow he will be the winner.

Bowen: You know that’s probably the smartest pick I have ever heard come out of your mouth … Most people will say “Bowen you’re dumb for not picking Matt McCall or Coleman Pressley” and no doubt McCall will be on the Pole but I’m going with the 3 time defending track champion, Andy Loden. Loden hasn’t had the story book season he had wished for so far this season and its time to turn around their season. Where better than the exact track that you have won the championship at the past 3 seasons?

Corey: I’m going to go out a limb and call for Garrett Campbell to pick up the victory. He’s been beating on the door all season, he’s due for a win with his “under funded” team. Boswell should be tough too, he was a man on a mission at Orange County, and he won’t have to look over his shoulder for Stacy Puryear this weekend either. Hickory will have a good field of cars, one of the hardest races to pick all season.

Bowen: I look forward to that race for sure. And you can tell you guys have been hanging out because he sounded just like you on Tuesday’s UARA Soiree` and you guys share the same nickname “Mr Excitement”. Speaking of Orange County, who you taking this weekend. This pick for me is about as obvious as taking Mercer at Hickory … David Triplett for the “W”!

Corey: OCS has had some terrible car counts this year … Who is going to be there? I’ll also take David Triplett on that one, he’s seems to be the best of the one’s consistently running there. Really wish the track would get the cars and expose it deserves, it is one of my favorites around.

Bowen: Newport is next on the list and to be completely honest I wasn’t aware that they were still racing there. Kevin Leicht has been on his game this year but nobody gives him credit because he is out running 8 cars and half the field is his family members. I’ll take Kevin to win again in the “Leicht” Models at Newport

Corey: Newport hasn’t really been on any body’s radar this year. I’ll be going there for the first time ever when the UARA runs at the track in August, I hear It’s a real “racey” track. The Leicht brothers have definitely been stinking up the show, I see no reason for that to change this week unless they wreck each other. Even then, one of them will still win.

Bowen: And that’s a good possibility with those two … Greenville Pickens is another track off the radar this year and last week they only had 12 late models compared to last years 20 plus fields. Twin 50s this week and Marty Ward will continue to kill the competition picking up wins 9 and 10 on the season.

Corey: You couldn’t get that lucky. I don’t know what happened to the car count at Greenville, when Coleman quit running there the cars went with him it seems. I see your right in your groove with picks, picking the most obvious almost every time … Ward will be up front, but I’m going to go out and say that the point leader, and timeless veteran, Roger Powell will win one of the races this weekend with Ward taking the other.

Corey: Motor Mile or better at times known as “Morris Mile” is next and it looks as if lately the “king” of the Late Model world can’t find his crown. I look for this week to be no different, as he will finish outside of the top 3 once again. I’m going with the man just four points out of the lead, Chad Harris. He has been the model of consistency this year and is smooth at all times, he is due for a win and with his sponsor sponsoring the race he’s got to deliver. Frank Deiny will follow him to the line, and Lemons will get his jets cooled a little this week, but still will bring home a top 5 finish. Come on now Bowen, pick Morris……I know you want to, It’s killing you!

Bowen: I did pick Morris for EVERY race this season in Fantasy and your right i want to pick him but I’m going to go with Frank Deiny this week. He showed his muscle in the last race and Lemons has been on a hot streak but, I don’t see it continuing into the mid summer. Growing up I remember Deiny being the King of Late Models and he hasn’t lost his touch just yet.

Corey: Growing up??…….When are you planning on finishing that step in your life?

Bowen: Well Corey that wraps up this weeks addition of Crystal Ball.. Hopefully we won’t be needing a coat for our snow globe next week. You’re just jealous because your old enough to be my dad and I still kick your butt in Fantasy Racing… And I’m putting a challenge out there to you Corey.. me and you head to head in the Casting competition at Hickory?

Corey: We could go head to head in water Polo, and I’d kick your tail at that too. See you later Bowen, the nightlife here in the big city of High point awaits. You should treat yourself to a night out, you might even meet a girl, that would definitely be a change of pace for you. Better get your rod out tomorrow and start practicing, I’ll be there on Saturday with my mesh Tennessee hat on.