Track PR Report

Fairlawn, VA(January 28, 2013) — The New Year signals a new start for Motor Mile Speedway.

…Restarts, that is.

As part of its rules package release, Motor Mile Speedway announced today the implementation of ‘Cone Style’ restarts spanning all divisions for 2013.

The introduction of ‘Cone Style’ restarts at MMS is an effort to expand the excitement generated from the implementation of the double-file restart format instituted in 2012, according to track officials.

The ‘Cone Style’ format has gained traction throughout the local racing community in recent seasons as a novel approach to restarts.

Restarts are most commonly composed of either one or two lanes of race cars, aligned according to the running order of the field under the last completed green flag lap. Designed to further enhance the excitement and intrigue of double-file restarts, ‘Cone Style’ restarts place the decision of the running order at the drivers’ discretion.

Here’s how it works:  An orange cone is placed at the start-finish line as the field approaches the one-to-go signal. As the field crosses the start-finish line, each driver chooses to navigate either above, or below, the cone. Choosing to drive to the outside or to the inside of the cone represents which lane the driver will restart in.

Drivers approach the cone single-file, and the leader retains his or her position on the restart. However, the remainder of the field can become substantially shuffled.

For example, if the first four drivers in line commit to the inside lane, and the fifth-place competitor opts for the outside lane, the fifth-place driver will restart in the second position as the lead car in the outside lane. There is no limit to how many drivers choose either lane.

‘Cone Style’ restarts have been featured at a growing number of local tracks. Most recently, Martinsville Speedway implemented the restart format for the annual Virginia is for Racing Lovers 300 in October.

Drivers and fans alike will witness the ‘Cone Style’ format for the first time at Motor Mile Speedway on April 27th.

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