Colt James relaxes in between practice sessions ahead of a Pro Late Model race at Southern National Motorsports Park in April 2017. (Andy Marquis/ photo)

This will be the last season for Colt James in the Pro Late Models.  He will be calling it a day among the Pro and Super Late Model ranks after the season concludes to focus on his son, Case’s racing career, has learned.

“I want to concentrate on my son’s racing, and it’s hard for a normal blue collar guy to compete at that level,” James, a multi-time Pro Late Model champion at Southern National Motorsports Park, told  “Every year prices just go up and up. I’ve done it up here for 13 years, I got nothing left to prove.”

James certainly has nothing left to prove, as a former winner in multiple series, including the Viper Pro Late Model Series, CRA Jegs All-Star Tour, ASA Late Model Southern Division,  CRA Super Series, and PASS South Super Late Model Series.

The 2011 PASS Super Late Model Series Mason-Dixon Meltdown winner says there are still a few things left for him to do in his final season.

“I am going to do the Snowflake 100, I won a Jegs CRA All-Star race at Indy about five years ago and always wanted to go back,” James said. “I am going to try and rent a Super Late Model engine for the PASS Richmond race, I really think that is going to be a cool race.”

While James says he is retiring from the Pro and Super Late Model ranks, he will not rule out running on what he describes at a “local track level,” possibly in a Limited Late Model, as James says he likes the direction they are going in, but that his son’s racing will come first.

“Case is doing great. I really enjoy spending time with him and the family at the track. Case is five and just moved from Red to Blue rookie this season in Quarter Midgets.”

As far as what the future holds for Case, the possibilities are endless, and there could be another James right behind him.

“I really don’t have a plan for Case, we just go have fun,” James explained. “I would like to run him in multiple classes next year and travel some more with him. If he’s still into it in a couple years we might look at a Bandoleros so he can get on some bigger tracks, he’s a little racer. He loves going with me when I race and we will go up to Hickory and watch on the weekends were home. My daughter is going to be two this year I would love to get her into racing.

“Case is real laid back and my daughter Kenley is mean as a rattlesnake. They are two opposites.”

Whatever is next for Colt James, he has had a great run in Pro and Super Lates and it will be exciting to see what is next for the next generation of the James racing family.