Chris Johnson survived an early race caution to collect his second race win in the 2016 Modified race division at Dominion Raceway. The win will tighten up what has suddenly become a contested points battle in which Jimmy Humblet has lead much throughout the season. But it didn’t go down with high fives and hand shakes as typically most race wins do. But how it did go down will make the final Modified September 24th race date to decide the championship a whole lot more interesting. Being said, the Modified race division at Dominion Raceway is far from over and one to watch heading into late September.

Race action in the series began with the afternoon time trials and emerging as the days pole winner was series points leader Jimmy Humblet. Humblet’s fast lap at 15.582 sec or 92.414 mph was only forty six thousandths of a sec quicker then Robbie Babbs lap to share the front row. Chris Johnson, Michael Johnson and Bubba Johnston were the grids five best with notable laps from Shawn Balluzzo (6th) and Chris Humblet (7th) on back. After a four car invert added to the start of the race for the leaders, it would be Michael Johnson who would show the field into turn one to start the race. Green flag waves and so did the caution as either Michael Johnson couldn’t get going or Chris Johnson left a bit early to start the race.

So after a quick reset, green flag waves once again to start the thirty five lap sprint to the finish and out of turn four to lead our first lap was Michael Johnson. But going into turn one, the carnage began and caution was thrown over the rack. Chris Johnson, Jimmy Humblet, Robbie Babb, Shawn Balluzzo, Andrew Fortin, Bubba Johnston and Chris Humblet all with damage. Chris Johnson, Robbie Babb and Jimmy Humblet were all spared but the others afternoon was done. Back to green flag racing and unknown how the field was reset saw Jimmy Humblet lead lap two of the event and looking strong after in his spin on lap one. Michael Johnson, Mike Rudy, Tyler Davis and Tony Fowler were the early top five.

Not long into the run, Humblet had easily amounted a sizable lead leaving Michael Johnson searching for a line to run the leader down. Wasn’t long before Babb and Chris Johnson came up through the field and back in the top five. Suddenly just after the halfway, Michael Johnson gets into the wall allowing opportunity for Babb and Chris Johnson to pass on by. But then a caution as Tyler Davis went around setting up a lap nineteen restart. Green flag waved again and once again, Jimmy Humblet would lead but mounting up a charge was Chris Johnson who would take the lead on lap twenty one of the event when the caution would wave once again. This time it was Tony Fowler who had troubles .

Racing once again and Chris Johnson sets sail as the leader but the races final caution flag would wave as both Michael Johnson and Jimmy Humblet’s afternoon ends on the backstretch. With just six laps to go, Chris Johnson nailed down another great restart securing the point and going on to win the race as lap thirty five went up on the board. Tyler Davis rebounded from an earlier spin to finish second with Mike Rudy finishing third. Wayne Hartley and Tanner Aman where fourth and fifth respectfully. In Victory Lane, action continued as Jimmy Humblet just wanted to express his frustration from the lap one wreck while at the same time shake Johnsons hand on the win in a little less of a congratulatory way. Chris Johnson who was very pleased to come out as winner was also very humble about it as he expressed regret and took responsibility in the lap one wreck.

Chris Johnson’s win is going to shake up the series points battle and the frustrations taken from this race has the potential to spill over into the final race date on September 24th that will indeed, decide the 2016 Modified race division championship at Dominion Raceway.

Race Results #1
1 #36 Chris Johnson
2 #00 Tyler Davis
3 #8 Mike Rudy
4 #37 Wayne Hartley
5 #66 Tanner Aman
6 #44 Robbie Babb
7 #38 Michael Johnson
8 #5 Tony Fowler
9 #11 Jimmy Humblet
10 #2 Eric Fowlkes
11 #51 Bubba Johnston
12 #20 Chris Humblet
13 #48 Shawn Balluzzo
14 #15 Andrew Fortin