Wake County Speedway announced today via a Facebook post that effective immediately, Charlie Hansen will take over the track for the 2018 season and has a long-term lease in place with the Simpkins family.

Hansen is also General Manager at Southern National Motorsports Park this season.

Here is the text from Wake County Speedway’s Facebook post;

Effective immediately Charlie Hansen has acquired all assets of the Wake County Speedway from Mike & Kristie Stodder and has secured a long-term lease with the Simpkins family for the facility.

Mike Stodder stated, “Kristie and I were in full prepare mode for the 2018 season when Charlie approached us about his desire to move forward immediately with ownership. Quite honestly, we were surprised because Charlie is the one who brought us into the speedway in 2014 to acquire ownership from Adam Resnick and he had not shown an interest in ownership before now. Once Kristie and I discussed the idea, it made sense to move forward because Charlie was the driving force to keep the speedway going when we got involved. Charlie has a strong desire and passion for this track and is highly driven to continue the growth pattern we’ve achieved since 2014. Kristie and I have really enjoyed the relationships we have developed at the speedway over the last three seasons. It has been stressful at times while running our other businesses, but we wouldn’t trade anything for the time we’ve spent at the speedway and for the friendships we’ve built. We sincerely wish Charlie well as he takes on the next chapter of this great racetrack!

Charlie Hansen stated, “It has been a dream of mine for some time to have this opportunity. I can’t thank Mike and Kristie enough for stepping up in 2014 and now for giving me the opportunity to take over this historic facility. We are moving forward with the same schedule that’s already published on the website for this season. I’ve been side-by-side with the Stodder’s since they acquired the business in 2014, so my plan is to just continue with business as usual. I’m looking forward to the 2018 season starting off with the CARS Tour race on Saturday April 7th!”