Salisbury, NC(January 19, 2011) — The last four years have brought about a lot of changes for as we’ve grown and learned the directions in which we need to go in.

2010 was probably our most educational season as we experimented with some coverage changes and even the way we covered races. Some of our experiments were widely successful and some, well, we hate to admit that we failed at a few of them too. It’s all a part of learning and building the brand and learning most importantly what you guys would like to read and see.

All those lessons from last season and even the last couple of seasons as we enter our fourth full year of operating, are going to be put to use to try a few more experiments. That has led us to again re-designing the Home Page and we know what you’re thinking and yes we do a lot of re-designing, but this time its some big changes.

The changes this time include the addition of six new sections to the home page to help you find the type of news, photos and videos you’re looking for. We’ve kept our traditional Feature Story section, which is brought to you by Circle Racing Wheels for the second straight year. We’ve got rid of the other 12 headline stories in exchange for sections that cater to specific groups of racers and race fans.

The new sections begin with our traditional Late Model Stock Car section, which we’ve catered to for the last four years, but we don’t just want to cover Late Model Stock Cars strictly any longer. We’ve added five other new sections beginning with a “Straight Late Models” section featuring Super Late Models and Pro Late Models from touring series such as PASS and CRA to weekly track races.

Next we’ve added a Modified section to cover the NASCAR Whelen Modifieds and Southern Modifieds as well as other touring series Modifieds such as Rolling Thunder Modifieds, Southeastern Modifieds and much more. This section will also house our coverage of the home of the Modifieds, Bowman Gray Stadium, which is the hub of all things Modified. We’ll give you an inside perspective of the Madhouse and the Madhouse Modifieds like no other site has as well as keep you more up to date on the tour, especially the Southern tour.

We’ve also decided to split the Late Model Stock Car coverage apart from the Limited Late Models and thus we’ve creadted a separate section for the Limited Late Models themselves as well. This section will give the Limited Late Model competitors more coverage than they’ve ever seen before, way more than we were able to give them last year. We’re going to cover all the Weekly Tracks Limited action as well as the SouthEast Limited Late Model Series and the new Carolina Late Model Sportsman tour, which will race alongside the PASS South Series for much of the season.

In addition to these separate sections for Straight Rail Late Models, Late Model Stock Cars, Modifieds and Limited Late Models, we’ve also added a “Press Releases & Opinions” section, where we’ll feature all our client press releases as well as selected track releases and our opinion pieces. Rob Staley’s “Rob’s Ramblings”, Langley Austin’s “Analyze This” and Corey Latham’s “Corey’s Corner” now has its own place on We’ll also feature our part-time “Off the WALL” feature as well as any other news and info that doesn’t fit into the other categories.

The final new section we’ve added is to help feature our Designs, which will feature our most recent website clients as well as our printing clients featuring everything from Hero Cards to Business Cards, Marketing Materials, Flyers and so much more. You may also see some Designs special offers there from time to time, so be sure to check that out often.

For now that is the extent of our changes, but in the near future we will also be adding a “Touring” section, featuring racing from the USAR Pro Cup Series, ARCA Remax Series, NASCAR K&N Pro Series East & West and other touring series. This section will also feature coverage of our clients from the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, NASCAR Nationwide Series and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. This will allow us to cover more of our clients and other short trackers making their way up the ranks, all the way to the top.

We hope that all of you will enjoy our new coverage sections as well as the way we cover not only Late Model Stock Cars and Limited Late Models, but the Modifieds and Straight Rail Late Models including Super Lates and Pro Late Models. Take a look around our newly designed home page and let us know what you think of the changes by visiting our facebook page and commenting.

Hopefully this is the first of many great changes for for the 2011 season and be sure to check back for our newly designed Designs website in the coming weeks as we get that site up to speed.