Photo: Eric Creel

The 2020 season at Bobby Watson’s Carteret County Speedway has been put on pause due to track repairs and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Track repairs will begin in the coming weeks after issues with the track surface plagued the Solid Rock Carriers CARS Tour race earlier this month.  The speedway will make extensive repairs in the corners with the goal of preventing further issues in future races.

The track repairs also come amidst the backdrop of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which has also placed the season is on hold once again at the order of North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper and Health and Human Services Secretary Mandy Cohen.  The state has restrictions in place preventing mass gatherings of more than 50 people.

“We are in a holding pattern as we work to make repairs to the track and work with the state to figure out a plan to move forward with our 2020 season and our 2021 season,” track owner Bob Lowery said.  “While other tracks are operating without fans in attendance, we are unwilling and unable to race without our great fans in attendance.  Our first priority is to get the track surface repaired while we watch what happens in Raleigh and whether they will lift restrictions on businesses and entertainment complexes in the state.”

The track will formulate a plan in the coming days and weeks for season ticket and trackside holders as well as sponsors with nearly half the season being in the books.

Carteret County Speedway management will keep an eye on developments out of Raleigh with the hopes that state officials will ease restrictions in the coming weeks.  Earlier this year, the track made the decision not to race for championship points if the speedway would not be able to get a full season of racing in.

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