CARS Tour Series Director Chris Ragle sits down with Founder and Podcast host Langley Austin to discuss the business of the CARS Tour’s eighth Late Model Stock Car race at Carteret County Speedway in Peletier, NC. They discuss the early morning rain, Chad McCumbee’s run in qualifying and during the early laps of the race and a handful of odd moments that made up the race including the caution lights coming on and going off again, the lights going off in turn one and a corner worker calling his own caution without the tower.

Ragle also discusses the accident that everyone is talking about with Deac McCaskill and Bobby McCarty. He talks about what he saw as the race director, the tough sightlines at Carteret and McCarty’s comments about McCaskill helping Josh Berry win the championship. We also discuss Berry’s late-race dominance and taking the points lead plus some great runs by Sammy Smith and Justin S. Carroll.

Plus, we talk the Throwback race at Hickory Motor Speedway including some schemes coming out, the honorees and vintage-looking apparel. Plus, so much more.

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