On this week’s CARS Tour Report with Series Director Chris Ragle, we break down the event that was at Orange County Speedway on Saturday, August 24, 2019, the Mid-Atlantic Classic.

Ragle breaks down the weather challenges, the lap three carnage when Josh Berry’s flywheel came off and cut his oil filter eliminating nearly half the field’s chances of a good finish plus the incident with Brandon Pierce and Adam Lemke and what went into the decision to penalize Pierce for the last lap contact. And we’ll talk championship points implications for the races’ eventual winner Bobby McCarty and Berry after his early exit from the race.

We’ll also go over the Super Late Model race including eventual winner Trevor Noles cutting a tire with 38-laps to go and getting lucky enough to get a competition caution to get to pit road and coming back to win.

Plus, we break down the 2020 schedule, the races on it, the new ones and the one that doesn’t appear on there. Plus the talks of a big half-mile track outside of the Late Model Stock Car region that the LMSC guys might be heading to in the future. And is the CARS Tour headed to Martinsville?

All of that and much more. Listen to hear it all.

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