The most unique touring division in the recent history of short track racing returns today at Hickory Motor Speedway and we have the actual green flag time, the entry lists and some cool facts about the championship event for the CARS Super Late Model and Late Model Stock Tours.

What time do the races start today?

Featuring twin races for the Super Late Models and Late Model Stock divisions, the Liberty University 300 is scheduled to go green at 7:30 p.m. The Late Model Stocks will race first while the Super Late Models will follow shortly afterwards.

Race name/distance?

Tonight’s event is the Liberty University 300 will take place at Hickory Motor Speedway in Hickory, N.C. — the first championship finale in the history of the new CARS Racing Tour. Each race is 150 green flag laps, providing a total of 300 laps in Central North Carolina.

Television and Live Streaming?

The complete CARS Tour schedule will be broadcast over the internet on RACEFEEDX – a leading digital motorsports streaming provider. The standard PPV broadcast can be purchased for $18.00, which is two dollars less than a general admission grandstand ticket.

A high definition option is also available for $25.

The broadcast begins at 7:00 p.m. ET


*** NOTE: If you’re out and about today and can’t watch to the race, make sure to follow @Race22 and @MattWeaverSBN on Twitter. They will be live tweeting updates throughout the event. ***


Hickory Motor Speedway has not yet announced a complete sellout but the best seats will go on a first come, first sever basis.


It’s going to be a pretty cool night of racing at Hickory Motor Speedway. There is no chance of rain and the coldest it will get is 54 degrees near the end of the event.

Championship Scenarios

The Late Model Stocks have a great battle for the championship, and it will come down to Myatt Snider, Deac McCaskill and Brayton Haws. The battle looks like this:

  1. Myatt Snider Ldr.
  2. Deac McCaskill -3
  3. Brayton Haws -3

The Super Late Model championship will come down to Cole Timm and Kyle Grissom. That battle looks like this.

  1. Cole Timm Ldr.
  2. Kyle Grissom -9

The CARS Tour uses NASCAR style points with one point representing one position on the track.

The complete entry list for the Liberty University 300 can be found below.

Late Model Stock Cars

  1. Shane Lee
  2. Spencer Davis
  3. Tyler Church
  4. Deac McCaskill
  5. Myatt Snider
  6. Justin Crider
  7. Jake Crum
  8. Austin McDaniel
  9. Bradley McCaskill
  10. Justin Hobgood
  11. Tommy Lemons Jr.
  12. Chris Hudspeth
  13. Thomas Beane
  14. David Polenz
  15. Brayton Haws
  16. Craig Stallard
  17. Christopher Bell
  18. Michael Fose
  19. Clay Rogers
  20. Tyler Ankrum
  21. Roddey Sterling
  22. Ronald Hill
  23. Landon Huffman
  24. Blake Stallings
  25. Matt Bowling
  26. Chris Davis
  27. Josh Berry
  28. Robert Tyler

Super Late Models

  1. Lucas Ransone
  2. Clay Rogers
  3. Bradley McCaskill
  4. Josh Berry
  5. Dominique Van Wieringen
  6. Brandon Setzer
  7. Tyler Church
  8. Jake Crum
  9. William Byron
  10. Harrison Burton
  11. Christian Eckes
  12. Lucas Jone
  13. Vinnie Miller
  14. Quin Houff
  15. Riley Herbst
  16. Mason Diaz
  17. Spencer Davis
  18. Kyle Grissom
  19. Jeff Batten
  20. Christopher Bell
  21. Kaz Grala
  22. Matt Craig
  23. Cole Timm
  24. Tyler Ankrum
  25. Steve Wallace
  26. Clay Jones
  27. Preston Peltier
  28. AJ Frank
  29. Zane Smith
  30. Dale Shaw