MOORESVILLE NC :: The Championship Auto Racing Series (CARS) released their 2015 rulebooks for the CARS Late Model Stock Tour and CARS Super Late Model Tour to those who requested a copy earlier today.  The rulebook covers both the technical procedures and the general race procedures.

Time-trial qualifying will set the first 25 positions of the feature race’s starting lineup with the next four positions in the 30 car field being set by the last chance qualifying heat race and the 30th position is “reserved” for a registered driver who filed an early entry for the event.  The starts and restarts will be double-file while most of the in-race procedures will mirror those used in NASCAR racing.

In the event of rain, the race will be postponed until the next day.  If running a race on the following day is not an option, the race will be rescheduled for a later date or cancelled altogether.  Drivers must be  14-years-old or older to compete in the CARS Tour and all drivers must wear a head-and-neck restraint device as well as a firesuit, fire-proof gloves and fire-proof shoes.

In the tour’s conduct policy, drivers or crew members will be fined $500 and could face additional penalties for fighting.  If a driver is discovered using traction control in their car, that driver will be suspended indefinitely from competing in the tour.

The points structure will also look similar to that which is used in NASCAR racing with the winner getting 33 points, second place getting 31 points, third place getting 30 points with the one point intervals continuing all the way through 30th place which will get three points.  One bonus point will be awarded to the pole-sitter, anyone who leads a lap during the race and the leader at halfway.

Built engines will run Holley CFM 500 carburetors while the Ford D347SR and GM 604 crate engines will run Holley CFM 650 carburetors.  Cars running Ford motors will be required to run 1,390 pounds of right side weight while cars running Chevrolet motors will run 1,375 pounds of right-side weight.  The rulebook states that the weight must be lead and use of Tungsten would result in a disqualification.

As previously reported, coil-binding and bump stops are allowed.  The rest of the Late Model Stock Car rules fall in line with the standard NASCAR Late Model Stock Car rules.

Greg Harvey, who was the tech director at Kingsport Speedway and worked with the UARA-STARS tour, was recently tapped to serve as the tech director for the CARS Late Model Stock Tour.  Ron Hearidge will be the tech director for the CARS Super Late Model Tour.

The series has also finalized their Super Late Model rulebook and has reportedly been working with the ARCA/CRA Super Series and the Southern Super Series on a series of common ground rules.