MOORESVILLE, NC (Feb. 6, 2012) – The Championship Auto Racing Series (CARS) Pro Cup announced today that it has inked a three-year deal to run on Goodyear Racing Eagles through the 2014 racing season.

The agreement marks a return to the Goodyear marquee for the series. Goodyear’s proven D2925 racing slick has been selected for the current Pro Cup application.

“We are very pleased to be running on the Goodyear brand again,” said Jack McNelly, President of the CARS Pro Cup. “We tested the Goodyear short track tire and found that we had excellent grip, repeatability, and durability. We definitely have a tire that will handle what we need it to do.”

The Pro Cup series has been a prestigious short track stock car program for decades, having built a national reputation among race fans. McNelly said he was searching for a race tire package that would be more affordable to the racing teams, and still compromise nothing in track performance for the fans.

“The Goodyear D2925 will save each team several thousand dollars over the course of the season,” McNelly added.

Goodyear sales manager for short track racing tires Scott Junod said “We have been talking to the Pro Cup folks for some time and are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to work with CARS starting this season. This series has a terrific tradition for great racing and we are very proud to be part of again.”

Participants in the CARS Pro Cup series are invited to an open practice at Hickory Motor Speedway on March 3 from 3:30 to 8:00 p.m. Track rental will be $150 per car and the D2925 will be available at the track or from MTP Tire and Racing Center. MTP will service all Pro Cup events throughout the season. Contact Kevin Piercy with MTP at 828-217-0002 for your tire needs.

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