Hickory, NC(December 29, 2012) – The Carolina Auto Racing Show (CARS)  is less than a week away and final preparations are being made for several of the events, including the popular ‘Let’s Make A Racing Deal’ game show presented by Speedway Illustrated.

Although this is the first time CARS is hosting the event it’s far from the first time it’s been held. The event works similar to the classic game show. A random participant is selected then has his/her choice of what curtain to pick behind.

With prizes from Intercomp, Mittler Bros., Racequip, Mechanix Wear, Aero Race Wheel, Longacre, Quick Fuel Technology, Speedway Illustrated, and more, a select few are going to walk away with some high value items.

“I can’t wait for this deal,” said Speedway Illustrated’s Karl Fredrickson. “ It’s so much fun to grab people out of the audience and watch them win prizes worth hundreds of dollars. It’s tough to see some lose, though, especially since the audience might find humor in the not-so-expensive prizes.”

The show will take place on Friday evening January 4th at 7:30 PM in the West Hall of the Hickory Metro Convention Center. Immediately following the game show will be the inaugural Ms. CARS beauty pageant. Anyone can attend the events.

CARS takes places Friday and Saturday January 4-5, 2013 at the Hickory Metro Convention Center in Hickory, NC. For more information please visit www.carolinaautoracingshow.com.