Southern National Motorsports Park and East Carolina Motor Speedway have each moved championship races to early-October while Myrtle Beach Speedway corrected an earlier tweet which had suggested the track was closed for the year.

East Carolina Motor Speedway will hold their finale on Saturday, October 6thSouthern National Motorsports Park will hold their championship races on Saturday, October 6th and Saturday, October 13th.  Myrtle Beach Speedway’s next race will be on Saturday, October 20th.

Earlier on Monday, Myrtle Beach sent out a tweet, addressing the NASCAR Driving Experience they do at the track, which stated the track was closed for the remainder of the season. reached out to Myrtle Beach Speedway immediately and was told other events are still a go and the Myrtle Beach 400, which is scheduled for Saturday, November 17th, is still going to be run.

Southern National Motorsports Park put out a press release announcing their Late Model Stock Car finale would be held on October 6th while Limiteds and Chargers would battle for the championship on October 13th.  East Carolina Motor Speedway announced their finale on Monday as well, which is on October 6th.

Hickory Motor Speedway is looking for a date to run their championship finale but has not announced any changes yet.  Hickory postponed this past weekend’s race.  Wake County Speedway will hold their finale on Friday, September 28th.

Carteret County Speedway, which is in the region hit hardest by Hurricane Florence, has not made any announcements regarding any proverbial schedule changes.  The track received damage during the storm, but it’s unclear how significant the damage is.