Story by: Langley Austin ~ [email protected]

Sophia, NC(January 24, 2012) — It’s not too often that in Late Model Stock Car racing that any car can’t just show up and race in a “big race” but, with the announcement today of the “Late Model Super Series Invitational Showdown”, it will happen this season.

Officials from Caraway Speedway, just outside of Asheboro, NC, today announced a five race qualifier program for a race to be called the Mid-Atlanic Meltdown.  The event which will be held on Saturday, October 12th, will put the season’s top performers from five longer distance (at least 100-laps) races against one another in a shootout for a $3,000 cash prize.  A total of 15 drivers will be invited from their finishes in the five races and two promoters options will cap the field at 17-cars according to info released today by the track.

The qualifier races will begin with the season opening 100-lap race set to take place on Sunday, March 10th.  The second of the five qualifiers will take place two months later on Friday, May 10th with another 100-lap feature race.  The third qualifier race will be the Rusty Harpe Memorial race, which has been shortened from 200-laps this season to 171-laps (71 being the number that Harpe’s cars carried).  100-lap races on August 23rd and September 8th will complete the qualifiers with all but the promoter’s choice options set in stone for the big event.

Not too many details of the Invitational Showdown were released today, but here’s the basics from the release.

– All events listed above are qualifier dates in which (3) drivers will earn an invitation to the event.

– Each race will take the top (3) drivers that have not already earned an invitation to the Showdown.

– A total of (15) invitations will be awarded plus (2) Promoter’s Choice

– A total of (17) drivers will be eligible to compete in the Showdown on Saturday October 12, 2013.

– This event is a Showdown to the checkered flag, paying a big payout of $3,000 to the Showdown Champion.

This all new dash for cash race should create an interesting set of qualifying races with those being the only drivers eligible to compete for the $3,000 prize come seasons end.  It will also be a great compliment to what is now being called the Mid-Atlantic Meltdown (formerly Mid-Atlantic Championship) weekend.  The Late Model Stock Cars will still compete on Sunday in the LMSC Showdown.