LUCAMA, NC :: A last lap incident in Sunday’s Halloween Spooktacular at Southern National Motorsports Park has left Brian Pembelton perturbed with track regular Andrew Grady.

In the final lap of the race, Pembelton was running in the sixth position when he was turned off the front bumper of Andrew Grady’s car.  Pembelton, a regular at South Boston Speedway, confronted Grady after the race, saying he wasn’t sure what the contact was about.  According to Grady, the two drivers made contact earlier in the race, forcing him to fall to the rear of the field.

“I’m not sure what happened on the restart,” Grady said after the race.  “I’m not sure if I lost brakes or what.  It just kept sliding and sliding and Pembelton just center-punched me and sent me to the rear.”

After confronting Grady and reading Grady’s remarks on, Pembelton said he had no idea what Grady was talking about but said he would retaliate.

“This guy pile drives me on the last lap of the race,” Pembelton told on Monday night.  “So, I go down there to talk to him and asked what it was about and he said I hit him and made him go to the back of the pack.  I don’t remember getting near him.  So, I’m kind of lost with it.

“Either way, last lap, he intentionally wrecked me.  So, wherever he goes, we go.  If we need to tear up racecars, we’ll bring two with us when we come.  He’s got some talent but he’s got a terrible attitude and he needs to learn to show some respect.  If he shows me some respect, I’ll show him some respect.  As of now, when I get to him, I’m just going to turn him in to the fence.”

Grady went on to finish in the sixth position while the last lap incident relegated Pembelton to a 12th place finish in the final 24 car rundown.