Bradley McCaskill (left) celebrates in victory lane with his mother, Janet, and other crew members after his win in the Limited Late Model race held at Southern National Motorsports Park on Saturday night. (Photo credit: Andy Marquis/ for Southern National Motorsports Park)

Bradley McCaskill held off a fierce challenge to score the victory in the 75 lap Mini’s Mission “Burn Rubber to Help Another” Limited Late Model race that headlined night two of the Thanksgiving Classic at Southern National Motorsports Park.

McCaskill, 27, from Knightdale, North Carolina, battled with 28-year-old Alex Fleming for much of the race. The two drivers swapped the lead multiple times during the race with McCaskill making the final pass for the lead, and the win, on lap 50. McCaskill drove away to claim the win.

“He pushed us a lot harder than we wanted to run,” McCaskill said. “I knew his car was good and I wanted to stay in front of him as long as possible. 75 laps on a scuff tire, you have to save as much as you can while trying to keep track position. We danced around a few laps back and forth and finally got the opportunity to get by and I knew that was my chance to take it. The car didn’t fall off as much as I thought it would.”

Alex Fleming went on to finish second after surprising everyone, including himself, with a pole qualifying run earlier in the day.

“I can’t ask for a whole lot more,” Fleming said. “We showed up and the car surprised us on how good it did. It’s a brand new motor and a lot of new pieces on the car. It did good but we came up short. He had a better car than us. I tried to make him burn his stuff up but I burned my stuff up as much as him. We put on a good show for the fans and passed each other three or four times.”

Bradley McCaskill’s win was an emotional one. His mother, Janet, had just gotten out of the hospital on Friday and McCaskill’s win was for her.

“She had an unexpected episode there,” McCaskill stated. “Had some gall bladder surgery. She got out of the hospital yesterday afternoon. It was tough for her to get to the track but we won it for her.”

Karl Budzevski finished third while Kenneth Mercer and Tim Allensworth rounded out the top-five.

Ronnie “Buckshot” Jones prevailed in a thrilling Kenly Real Estate U-CAR race, fending off a last lap challenge from PJ Flowers. Chris Hales finished in third while Aaron Crumpler finished fourth and Travis Miller came home in fifth.

Haywood Herriott held off Chuck Wall and Lee Horner to win in the Southeast Mini Stock Tour race. The race was the season finale for the tour. Michael Tucker won the series championship.

Robbie Babb scored the win in the Renfrow Heating & Air Southern Lightning Modified feature over Kyle Wood and Matt Carter. Dillon Spain held off a late race charge from Tommy Jackson, Jr. to win the Stancil Products Legends feature and Richard Quinn scored the win in the Bombers feature.

The 2016 Thanksgiving Classic concludes tomorrow with the Accent Imaging 125 lap Super Late Model race, 20 lap Grafix Unlimited Bandolero shootout and the headline race, the 200 lap Late Model Stock Car race. Racing starts at noon on Sunday.

Unofficial Results

Limited Late Model
1. Bradley McCaskill

2. Alex Fleming

3. Karl Budzevski

4. Kenneth Mercer

5. Tim Allensworth

6. Colin Garrett

7. Shelton McNair, Jr.

8. Mini Tyrell

9. Michael O’Brien

10. David West

11. Gerald Benton

12. Bian Obiedzenski

13. Wayne Goss

14. Mike Ganoe

15. Chris Elliott

16. Justin Gill

17. Ronald Renfrow

1. Ronnie “Buckshot” Jones

2. PJ Flowers

3. Chris Hales

4. Aaron Crumpler

5. Travis Miller

6. Joseph Pittman

7. Ashlyn McCaskill

8. Brandon Allen

9. Duane Walker

10. Jason Williams

11. Jesse Jones

12. David Wiggins

13. Zac Reime

14. Jason Beck

15. Matt Myrick

16. Michelle Price

17. Michael Myrick

18. Lee Horner

19. Chris Cheeler

20. David Kelly – DNS

Southeast Mini Stocks
1. Haywood Herriott

2. Chuck Wall

3. Lee Horner

4. Michael Tucker

5. Robert Strmiska

6. Travis Miller

7. PJ Flowers

8. Michael Rouse

9. Joseph Pittman

10. Chris Hales

11. Desmond Skillings

12. Ronnie “Buckshot” Jones

13. AJ Sanders

14. Brad Martin

15. Matthew Sonnhalter

16. Randy Canipe

17. Cody LaBlanc

18. Don Frantz

19. Nick Skillings

20. Jeremy Ottoway

Southern Lightning Modifieds
1. Robbie Babb

2. Kyle Wood

3. Matt Carter

4. Hunter Slayton

5. Jimmy Humblet

6. Bobby Geary

7. Tyler Davis

8. Chris Humblet

9. Andrew Fortin

10. Jamie Walmock

11. JR Webb

12. Tim Maxey – DNS

1. Dillon Spain

2. Tommy Jackson, Jr.

3. Mason Diaz

4. Alex McCollum

5. Taylor Webb

6. Will Bristle

7. Justin Mitchell

8. Chris Hildebrand

9. Kyle Beattie

10. Eric Courtney

11. Chris Hammett

12. Zack Brown

13. Brandon Johnston

14. Caleb Day

15. Joseph Sanoske

16. Steven Chapman

17. Kris Kurtz

18. William West

1. Richard Quinn

2. Andrew Howe

3. Dakota Tomlinson

4. Jake Edgley