The red flag has been waved on Ace Speedway’s 2015 racing season.

Ace Speedway track owner Abraham Woidislawsky confirmed to Tuesday afternoon that Ace Speedway would be closing down at least for the next few weeks and that Bill Catania and Short Track Management are no longer involved with the track.

Woidislawsky said he was working on an agreement with other parties on a potential lease agreement.

“The track is not closing,” Woidislawsky told  “It’s going to be reopened.  I don’t know when yet.  I’m in negotiations.  It will be closed for a few weeks.  I apologize to everybody.  It’s not for me, it’s for this idiot Bill Catania.”

Catania’s Short Track Management has been operating Ace Speedway since the beginning of the season.  Two weeks ago, track promoter Randy Myers resigned from Short Track Management and Ace Speedway, citing irreconcilable differences with Catania.

Catania promised to make big changes following Myers’ resignation, naming a new general manager and changing to a weekly race schedule which was supposed to go into effect on Friday night.

Now, Ace Speedway will sit dormant for at least a few weeks.  As of now, the only event scheduled at Ace Speedway, if it is to remain closed for the remainder of the year, is the Mischa Sell Memorial race.

Bill Catania posted a statement on Facebook, stating that there was not enough support from the drivers to continue racing under the proposed weekly schedule.

“It is with great regret that Short Track Management will not continue to operate Ace Speedway,” Catania’s statement read, in part.  “While we appreciate the support that we had from the fans for our recent announcement to move to weekly racing, we could not do it without the drivers as well and we did not have enough support to make it work. We are hopeful that the next chapter in Ace’s history is far more positive.”

Catania said that he would be reaching out to vendors with open balances, though made no mention of money rumored to be owed to drivers and other entities.  Catania has not responded to’s repeated requests for comment. will update this story when more details become available.