Jeff Oakley retaliated on Trent Barnes after being spun late in the second twin race at Dominion Raceway on August 10, 2019. Oakley destroyed his car and ended both drivers nights.

The second NASCAR Whelen All-American Series Late Model Stock Car feature at Dominion Raceway on Saturday night turned briefly into Bowman Gray Stadium as Jeff Oakley retaliated on Trent Barnes after Barnes spun him with 16 laps to go.

Oakley likely already agitated from an earlier spin, off what looked like the front bumper of Philip Morris’ car on lap nine of the 60-lap race, took exception to Barnes’ contact and under the yellow flag drove his car back to the front stretch where Barnes was throttled up and drove into the side of Barnes’ car. It appeared when they made contact that Barnes might have turned a little toward Oakley bracing for impact and as he did it appeared their front tires touched sending Oakley launching over Barnes car.

Trent Barnes’ car shows heavy damage after Jeff Oakley retaliated on him for a spin with 16 laps to go at Dominion Raceway. Both drivers were done for the night. (Jason Hierwarter photo)

Oakley’s car was destroyed while Barnes car was damaged but not nearly to the extent that Oakley’s was. After both drivers emerged from their cars Barnes was visibly upset while Oakley was walked off the track by officials. The two teams met briefly shouting back and forth before track officials were able to separate them.

Both drivers nights were over and before we could catch up with Oakley he left the track. He also hasn’t returned repeated calls for an interview.

Jeff Oakley and Trent Barnes’ crew met in the infield but Dominion Raceway officials quickly separated them. (Jaden Austin photo)

Barnes, on the other hand, didn’t mince words when interviewed after the race saying that he returned the favor after Oakley had hit him several times trying to get by him.

“Oakley punted me a few times,” Barnes told RACE22. “I just nudged him a little bit and he was sideways. I don’t know. He doesn’t have a lot of talent and gets into it with everybody. I’ll put it as nice as I can say it.”

Barnes thought the retaliation under caution was uncalled for.

“Doing that stuff under caution, that’s just not racing,” Barnes continued. “Wreck me under green if you’re going to do it. You can hurt someone doing something like that and I hope they park him for that.”

Barnes says if Oakley wants to spend the money to tear up cars he can.

“That’s dollar signs right there,” Barnes explained. “If he wants to spend the money, go for it. We’ll fix it and come back and be strong.”

Trent Barnes walks down the track after the incident at Dominion Raceway when Jeff Oakley crashed into the side of his car under caution in retaliation for a spin out. (Jaden Austin photo)

Barnes also denied the claims that he only spun Oakley to help his brother Doug, who’s leading the points with Oakley sitting second. Doug Barnes would have been the next car that Oakley would have caught on the track as he was rallying to try and get a strong finish.

“That has nothing to do with it,” Barnes said while shaking his head. “It’s just hard racing. I’m trying to go out there and I’m contending for every spot even if it’s with my brother. I’m going to give it my all. I gave him a nudge just like he’s been banging on my bumper the whole time and that’s all it was.”

Oakley did not return our phone calls for an interview but he awaits expected penalties that will likely be handed down in the next 24 hours. will report on any penalties once they’re released.