DUBLIN, VA :: Mike Dailey and Andy Favre of the NRV (New River Valley) Race Auction have seen it all.  Well, they’ve almost seen it all.  They’ve seen hundreds of people show up to the NRV Race Auction in over 30 inches of snow.  Now, they’re ready for another auction in Dublin and bargains are sure to be found.

“On the night before our first auction a few years back, the area received 31 inches of snow,” said Dailey. “We were hoping we’d get 20 or 30 people to show up. We ended up with over 200 bidders. We were amazed. The racing community, rain, snow, or shine, just loves a good bargain.”

When the auction starts at 1pm on Saturday, there will be three rolling Late Model Stock Car chassis and pallets of top quality items.

“This could be our best auction yet,” Dailey stated. “We’ve got engines, transmissions, 1 3/4 sway bars, Penske and Ohlin shocks, 10:1 steering boxes, double hump heads, a whole box of new Mechanix wear, a very nice set of six radios with a gang charger, and three pit carts, one of them is a Cup style pit cart that is the biggest one we’ve seen, and that’s just a fraction of what we have, along with stuff arriving every day.”

NRV Race Auction was the brainchild of Dailey and Favre a few years back when both saw a need for racers to afford quality equipment without having to pay the ‘new’ price.

“Andy and I have been racers for years,” Dailey explained.  “We know how expensive it can be.  This is a way for racers to keep racing, either by buying stuff at a good price, or selling their equipment with us to help fund their racing efforts or use the money for other needs.”

But what sets NRV Race Auction apart from any other auction is their service.  They often drive directly to race shops with their enclosed trailers and hand pick quality merchandise.  With both Dailey and Favre being racers, they have valuable insight to give to prospective sellers and bidders that other auctions just can’t give.  Additionally, at their auction gallery in Dublin, Favre has a full service race shop.  Almost any and all racing needs can be met by NRV Race Auction.

“Andy currently works with a Camping World truck team and most recently was the wrench and spotter for Mike Looney’s Daytona late model effort,” said Dailey. “Andy’s shop is at our location here in Dublin. Not only can he service race cars, but he also does full rental packages for Late Models and Limiteds at a very good price. We want NRV Race Auction to be the best auction and the best in customer service, period.”

So what hasn’t NRV Race Auction seen yet?

“We haven’t had a full sized Cup hauler yet,” Dailey answered. “We’ve had trailers but not one of the big boys yet. But there’s still time for this one.”