Hedgecock Racing Enterprise PR

High Point, NC – December 12, 2011 – Hedgecock Racing Enterprises would like to congratulate all the drivers winning championships in the 2011 season.

Once again Philip Morris won the prestigious National Championship title for the fourth time in six seasons as well as the South Boston Speedway Weekly Track Championship Title, winning a total of 20 races.  Car Owner, Jim Dean put together a championship team utilizing Sellers Racing, as their base with H.C. Seller as the crew chief. HRE would like to thank Dean Motorsports, HC Seller Racing, Clarence’s Steak House, and all of Philip’s crew members for a great year.

Lee Pulliam raced up 19 wins on his way to the Motor Mile Speedway Track Championship Title in 2011 and was a conteneder for the National Championship Title til the end.  Lee teamed up with crew chief Winston Brooks for a great year with wins at South Boston Speedway, Motor Mile Speedway, Caraway Speedway, and Martinsville Speedway.  Congratulations to Lee, Pulliam Logging, and the crew from HRE for their season and 3rd in the National Standings. 

Myrtle Beach Speedway saw Justin Milliken pick up his first track championship in the late model division.  Winning 6 races Justin edged Brent Brinson in the race for the title.  Thanks goes out to Justin, Jamie Milliken, Kevin “Tiny” Guyton, Willie Grainger, Brant McMullan, and Carmen Hickman for their support.

Logan Bunning from Fayetteville, NC won the track championship at Dillon Motor Speedway in his second year of Late Model Stock Car racing.  In route to his championship year Logan won 2 races.  Congratulations to this young driver and his crew on a successful season.

At Orange County Speedway, Joey Throckmorton came out on top in the race for the late model championship.  Joey won 3 races in his HRE chassis in 2011.  With a new car on the way, Joey should have a great 2012 season.

Lonesome Pine Raceway in Coeburn, Va got a first time champion in the late model division by the way of Brian Blevins.  Brian won 4 races at the speedway through the season.  Congratulations to Brian and his entire crew on a great year.

2011 was a banner year at Hedgecock Racing Enterprises resulting in 127 wins with 456 top five finishers.  I would like to congratulate all of our customers on them making this a great year at HRE.  Thank you for your choice of chassis and looking for 2012 to be a even better year.