Eric Winslow (22) and Quincy Adkins (75) look to attack South Boston Speedway's Late Model Stock Car division in 2018. Photo Courtesy of Winslow Motorsports Facebook

For the past two seasons at South Boston Quincy Adkins has been gaining experience and strong finishes in the Pure Stock division, but when the green flag drops on the 2018 season Adkins will face a new challenge as he moves up to the loaded Late Model Stock Car division at the historic Virginia track.

Adkins, a former infantryman in the US Army, has finished fourth in points each of the last two seasons at South Boston and will move up to the tracks premier division with the help of fellow Late Model driver Eric Winslow.

Adkins started racing when he came back from the army in 2016 and will be in good company with Winslow who last season won two LMSC races at Carteret County Speedway, finished sixth in Limited Late Model points at South Boston and competed part-time in the Late Model Stock Car there as well.

“I took notice of Eric when he showed up with the car he built in his own shop. In my mind, if a man has that much ability and know how that’s who I need to be working with,” Adkins tells “So I started helping him (Winslow) out and learning the ins and outs. Eventually, the talk of what I was planning to do next year came about, well I had already decided it was time to move on from Pure Stocks, so with some talking Eric offered me the chance to rent one of his cars and race full time in 2018.”

Adkins, who is still only 27, will come to the premier division at South Boston with a sponsor steep in racing tradition in Virginia, ValleyStar Credit Union, via a merger with his prior sponsor Piedmont Credit Union.

“Last year Piedmont Credit Union sponsored my Pure Stock. After the merger they linked me up with Valley Star Credit Union and after meeting with them they liked my story and my background and decided to come aboard as my primary sponsor for this year.”

With any move up there are challenges but Adkins is optimistic that he will be able to meet these challenges and come out on top. Setting some great goals for his team in their first season in LMSC.

“My goals are to win rookie of the year and learn as much as possible. It’s gonna be a busy season with a lot to learn but I feel like we will have a good shot at some good finishes.”

Adkins will not be the only car racing out of Eric Winslow’s shop, as he aims for 71 races in 2018 between his other three cars, driven by Winslow.

“We have a lot going on this offseason,” Wilson stated. “We have the Mooring Motorsports ELA freight Limited Late Model, Quincy’s #75 Valley Star LMSC, the #22 LMSC, and the #22 LLM. So there is a lot of racing that’s going to be coming out of this shop. Obviously, we will have to get some sponsors to run the 71 races I want to, but I believe it’s absolutely possible to do especially with the team I have behind me this year.”

Winslow summed the whole schedule up in a few words, saying “What can I say I like to race” and racing is exactly what Winslow will be doing, in spades this season.