One of the programs that paved the way for the success of the CARS Late Model Stock Tour in 2018, is once again returning in a new and improved way. The CARS Late Model Stock “Touring 12” program will return for a second season with familiar incentives, as well as several new program bonuses for the selected teams.

The Touring 12 program is dedicated to a selected amount of twelve teams that sign an agreement to compete full time on the tour in 2019, all while promoting the tour and its events to the public. Teams that are a part of the program will receive payment and other incentives throughout the year for their participation.

The application process for the Touring 12 program is open to all teams who feel like they can meet the requirements set forth in the agreement. The CARS Tour will begin accepting applications on December 4th, 2018 and conclude on February 1st, 2019. The selected Touring 12 teams will be notified no later than February 7th with a public announcement to follow.

The deciding factors in determining the Touring 12 class of 2019 will be based on historic CARS Tour participation, team/driver accomplishments, merit to CARS Tour sanction body both now and in the future, and the ability to maintain the standards of the Touring 12 agreement in its entirety. Teams that were in the 2018 program do not receive an automatic bid to be a part of the program for the 2019 season.

Teams selected for the Touring 12 program will receive the following benefits if accepted as part of the program for the 2019 season:

-Annual entry to all eleven championship points races is just $825 for Touring 12 teams. A savings of $975 compared to entering each event on the 2019 season which would total $1,800.

-Each team will be able to purchase two (2) sets of tires each race weekend at the track at a discount rate of $100 per set throughout the 2019 season.

-Touring 12 teams will be guaranteed $1,000 to start each championship points feature event in 2019. In addition, any team that attempts the race weekend but does not start the feature event due to qualifying and/or mechanical issues will receive $500 for their efforts.

-Each and every event Touring 12 teams will receive four (4) general admission tickets to every championship points events on the 2019 schedule

-Drivers associated with Touring 12 teams will receive a merchandise line for the 2019 season. Merchandise line will include but not limited to hats, shirts, stickers, and more. The CARS Tour will pay for, manage, and sell merchandise line for Touring 12 teams throughout the 2019 season. Touring 12 teams will also receive a commission off of the annual merchandise sales program.

-New for the Touring 12 program in 2019 is “preferred parking” for teams at every event on the schedule with the exception of the two Hickory races. Teams will receive a special time and track location to park for each event that is devoted to just the Touring 12 competitors.

-An additional monumental asset to the program in 2019, will be that each Touring 12 team will receive one (1) provisional for a feature event starting position to use at their discretion, should they not qualify for a race anytime on the 2019 schedule. Once the provisional is used once for the season then no other exceptions will be made.

“We are bringing back the Touring 12 program again this season. Based on what we’ve seed, feedback from fans, and feedback from teams it was an absolute perfect program. When you do the figures it basically put anywhere from $6,000-$7,000 into each Touring 12 team this year; that’s a pretty nice sponsorship if you want to call it that, from the series,” explained series owner Jack McNelly. “In ’19, we’ll do the same, plus a couple new perks that just make the program that much more desirable to be a part of.”

In addition to the Touring 12 program, the Loyalty Bonus Bucks program will continue as well for any team not selected to the program in 2019. Any team who competes in any 3 consecutive championship points races will receive $500 cash bonus added to their purse at the third event. Any team that competes in all eleven championship points races in 2019, that is not a Touring 12 member, will receive a $500 cash bonus added to their purse at the season finale in South Boston.