While Tasha Kummer did not have the performance she was hoping for, she was able to clinch the Southeast Limited Late Model Series championship on Saturday night.

Kummer won three races in 2017, including a SELLM tour race at Greenville-Pickens Speedway.  Clinching the championship was what she had hoped to do when the season began back in March.

“We’ve had a great year, three wins, two poles, one of those wins was in the SELLM series at Greenville,” Kummer told Race22.com.  “Greenville’s my home track, I feel very comfortable there.  I’ve raced there six years but I love traveling with the series.  Maybe run it again next year.  It’s a good series and I hope more people run it next year.”

When the season started, Kummer set her sights on the SELLM championship as well as the Limited Late Model division championship at Greenville, which was ultimately won by Taylor Nesbitt.  However, problems early in the season forced her to re-evaluate her plans.

“We had focused on trying to win them both but I got involved in a crash earlier this year so I had to switch back to this car,” Kummer said.  “We ended out the year with a win, started out with a win.  We didn’t get the GPS championship but hung in there for the SELLM championship and I’m so proud of me and my team to rack that up.”

For Kummer, the series championship holds prestige as she now joins racers like Anthony Alfredo and Mack Little as series champions.  Alfredo won the title last year, and then went on to have a successful season in Late Model Stock Cars in 2017, while Little won the series championship in 2015.

“To be in a category with Mack Little is an honor,” Kummer remarked.  “He’s raced 20-something years and he’s a good racer so I feel privileged to be in that category.”

20-year-old Anthony Miller won the SELLM Challenger crown.

“We’ve worked hard all year,” Miller stated.  “Our year was up and down, started out with a win, got worse and got better.  We came here and had a third-place finish and was really happy.”

Kummer ultimately finished 29th in the race after being involved in an accident.  Anthony Miller finished third in the SELLM Challenger feature race which was won by 13-year-old Jacob Borst.