1. Lee Pulliam
  2. Ronald Hill
  3. Justin Johnson
  4. Josh Berry
  5. Bobby McCarty
  6. Bradley McCaskill
  7. Matt Cox
  8. Sam Yarbrough
  9. Cody Haskins
  10. Brandon Pierce
  11. Layne Riggs
  12. Colby Howard
  13. Craig Moore
  14. Deac McCaskill
  15. Sam Mayer
  16. Ryan Repko
  17. Joe Graf, Jr.
  18. Justin Crider
  19. Jacob Heafner
  20. Bryant Barnhill
  21. Justin Carroll
  22. Ty Gibbs
  23. Grayson Cullather
  24. Dexter Canipe, Jr.
  25. Craig Stallard
  26. Trevor Ward
  27. Charlie Watson

Andy Marquis

Andy Marquis

Andy Marquis is the managing editor of Race22.com, joining the team in 2011. Marquis has vast journalism experience, having covered ARCA, INDYCAR, NASCAR, AMA and IHRA Drag Racing. He has also covered politics from the local level in Maryland to the national level in Washington. Currently, he oversees the editorial side of Race22.com on a day-to-day basis while also contributing features and covering races on location.