MARTINSVILLE, VA – Bobby McCarty, Todd Gilliland and Matt Bowling will all have to start at the rear of the field in their respective heat races on Saturday.

The qualifying times for the three drivers, all part of the Nelson Motorsports team, were disallowed following post-qualifying technical inspection.  All three drivers were tossed because of rear camber.

“The 22, the 83, the 45 all had issues with their rear ends and failed post-qualifying inspection,” Martinsville Speedway public relations director Brooks Taylor announced late Friday evening.  “The three cars will have an opportunity to fix their rear ends, go through inspection again in the morning and will start the heat races from the rear.”

Lynn Carroll elaborated on the statement made by Martinsville Speedway, specifying the cause of the disqualification being camber.  The disqualification of the three cars for a similar, but not the same, reason Corey Heim was tossed from a win at South Boston earlier this year.

“This was camber on the rear end,” Lynn Carroll, race director for the ValleyStar Credit Union 300, told  “If they fail tech in the morning, they go home.  They can either add weight to the right side or they can fix it and they have decided to fix it.  The procedure is, they fix it, we can check it and make sure it’s right.”

Brandon Pierce, who also drives for Nelson Motorsports, passed technical inspection while Timothy Peters did not go through tech because he qualified outside of the top-10.