The name Scarlett Dahmer may not ring a bell to most of us, including me, but after this article, we’ll all know her.

I talked to her last week and she’s a great person and she’s determined to do good and have a great time doing it. She’ll become a Bowman Gray Stadium rookie in the Stadium Stock Division in just a few short weeks, but she’s got a very special backstory.

Scarlett graduated from Carver High School in 2002 and in 2005 she enlisted in the Navy. She started out her racing career driving go karts while she was in the Navy, she had to drive 8 hours to come home race and then headed back to the base.

“I was a second class ship serviceman,” Dahmer said. “I served in Operation Iraqi Freedom. I’m a decorated war veteran with 3 Navy achievement medals. I served 5 years on the USS Dwight D Eisenhower and 3 years with NASA. And I traveled to many countries. I also was part of honor guard and buried 69 veterans . While I served I also ran with the Atlantic Fire Department.”

After she finished her third tour of Iraq, Dahmer moved back home and now she currently owns a auction company with my dad. She has the ability to talk fast like a auctioneer. When they’re not traveling to different auction houses, they set up shop at the Dixie Classic Fair and Delaware State Fair and many more locations. She also own a company called southern Soothies with her cousin.

The interesting thing about her sponsors is that most of them are the same auction houses that they travel to all over North Carolina and one from Virginia, they’re are all competitors but they support Scarlett’s dream and what she’s doing.

She’s been going to the stadium for almost 25 years with her dad and mom and has always wanted to race there.

A few years ago, she lost one of her biggest supporters in her mom and from that moment, she said, “It’s time to make this dream happen.”

“My dad is the biggest reason I’m successful at anything in life,” she added. “He supports me in whatever I do whether it’s business related, racing related or even when I was in the military. I thank god everyday for blessing me with the parents I had and still have. He really is the heartbeat in every aspect of my life. I’m not racing for recognition or to even be known. I’m racing to chase a dream I’ve had for a majority of my life. Without my friends who dedicate their free time helping an my dad this wouldn’t be possible.”