The Inaugural Solid Rock Carriers 150 at Carteret County Speedway, set for July 7th, will pay a purse of $38,300 with $15,000 going to the winner, and the format has been altered for the race.

The format had previously been set as a six tire race, but after deliberation with race teams and others in the industry, Carteret County Speedway will run the race as a four tire race.  The race will be run on the Hoosier F50 tire, a harder tire that is more durable than the F45 tire run at most tracks.

While teams will not be able to change tires at halfway, they will still be able to make minor adjustments to the car and add 10 gallons of fuel.

Time trial (single car) qualifying for the Solid Rock Carriers 150 will set the first 20 positions while the remainder of the field, positions 21-28, will be set through a last chance qualifier which will lock in the top-eight finishers.  If there are more than 50 cars, two last chance qualifiers will be run with the top-four finishers being locked in.

Additionally, the Solid Rock Carriers will not count for points for Carteret County Speedway regulars.

Previously announced, the race will pay $15,000 to win and $500 to start.  The purse breakdown can be seen below:

1st – $15,000 8th – $1,000 15th – $550 22nd – $500
2nd – $3,500 9th – $1,000 16th – $550 23rd – $500
3rd – $2,000 10th – $1,000 17th – $550 24th – $500
4th – $1,500 11th – $900 18th – $550 25th – $500
5th – $1,000 12th – $800 19th – $550 26th – $500
6th – $1,000 13th – $700 20th – $550 27th – $500
7th – $1,000 14th – $600 21st – $500 28th – $500

Carteret County Speedway will begin accepting entries later this week or early next week.  A digital entry form will be posted to the website so drivers can enter electronically, and a printable entry form, which can be mailed to the track, will also be posted on the Carteret County Speedway website.

More announcements will be made in upcoming days and weeks.