race22.com turns 10 years old on September 13, 2017. The All Late Model Stock Car website launched on September 13, 2007.

Thank You for 10 Years of RACE22.com

I didn’t want this day to slip away without saying Thank you to our viewers, readers, supporters, advertisers, staff, volunteers and everyone who’s ever been a part of RACE22.com.

Today, September 13th, 10 years ago we launched this website without knowing exactly what it would be and how it would work in an All Late Model Stock Car format. Along the way we deviated from the core product at times, we changed courses, changed staff, changed direction but here we are 10 years later back at the core. Back doing what we do best and that’s covering Late Model Stock Car racing like no one else can.

It sounds crazy but I had this vision all along. Before launching race22 I told my wife Kimberly Austin what I wanted to do and she told me unequivocally that it would never work.  It’s one of the few times I’ve actually proved her wrong on something.  We’ve turned four letters, two numbers and a dot com into a powerful brand within the Late Model Stock Car racing community.

It hasn’t been a perfect road, we’ve not done everything right and we’ve learned and grown along the way.  There’s been times when we have written things that have drawn the ire of competitors, race tracks, promoters, engine builders and everyone in between but we’ve always done everything with the best of intentions and with Late Model Stock Car racing’s ultimate health in mind.

Late Model Stock Car racing is genuinely our passion. You guys, the racers, the fans, the race tracks, touring series, racing businesses and everyone who makes Late Model Stock Car racing great is what we do this for.  Thank you sincerely for all the support and hopefully in 10 years when race22.com turns 20 we’ll still be standing tall as the name you trust for information on everything Late Model Stock Car racing.

Langley Austin
race22.com Founder

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Langley Austin

Langley Austin

Langley founded what you see today because he saw a gap in coverage for Late Model Stock Cars (LMSC), which race primarily throughout the southeast region. His passion and determination for LMSC helped grow the brand of not only Race22.com but the reputation of LMSC racing. While he’s not as involved today as he once was he’s still the driving force behind race22.com and is continuing to grow LMSC racing by promoting tracks and events throughout the region.