00 Anthony Cataldi
2 Darrell Gilchrist
2t Gracie Trotter
6 Brandon Setzer
07 Corey LaJoie
8 Tate Fogleman
12 Dean Ward
14 Greg Burgess
14f Jared Fryar
15 Roy Hayes III
16 Molly Helmuth
16j Lucas Jones
17 Mike Speeney
22 Tim Hollis
26p Bubba Pollard
33 Preston Peltier
37 Dan Speeney
49 Jeff Batten
51 Raphael Lessard
51n Stephen Nasse
54 Matt Craig
58 Tyler Ankrum
66 Steve Wallace
74 Ryan Moore
78 Corey Heim
96 Wyatt Alexander
98 Jody Measmer

Brandon White

Brandon White

Brandon White joined Race22.com in 2017 and is a senior correspondent. White graduated from the University of North Carolina pursuing a career in journalism. Prior to joining Race22.com, he worked with the CARS Tour. He predominantly covers the CARS Tour for Race22.com as well as other races throughout the year.