06 Terry Dease
07 Bradley McCaskill
09 Bruce Anderson
1m Craig Moore
2 Cody Haskins
2d Chris Denny
2p Brandon Pierce
5 Lee Pulliam
9 Sam Mayer
9w Charlie Watson
12 Austin Thaxton
16 RD Smith
18 Ty Gibbs
22 Grayson Cullather
22m Bobby McCarty
27 Craig Stallard
35 Carson Kvapil
44 Justin Johnson
63 Tyler Matthews
74 Ronald Hill
77 Trevor Ward
88 Deac McCaskill
99 Scott Riggs

Brandon White

Brandon White

Brandon White joined Race22.com in 2017 and is a senior correspondent. White graduated from the University of North Carolina pursuing a career in journalism. Prior to joining Race22.com, he worked with the CARS Tour. He predominantly covers the CARS Tour for Race22.com as well as other races throughout the year.