1. Jeff Fultz
  2. Chandler Smith
  3. Ryan Moore
  4. Jeff Batten
  5. Anthony Cataldi
  6. Raphael Lessard
  7. Corey Helm
  8. Jared Fryar
  9. Gus Dean
  10. Matt Craig
  11. Jody Measamer
  12. Kodie Conner
  13. Chris Fontaine
  14. Tate Fogleman
  15. Molly Helmuth
  16. Taylor Stricklin
  17. Preston Peltier

Andy Marquis

Andy Marquis

Andy Marquis is the managing editor of Race22.com, joining the team in 2011. Marquis has vast journalism experience, having covered ARCA, INDYCAR, NASCAR, AMA and IHRA Drag Racing. He has also covered politics from the local level in Maryland to the national level in Washington. Currently, he oversees the editorial side of Race22.com on a day-to-day basis while also contributing features and covering races on location.