Asheville, NC(January 30, 2012) — RACE22 Designs and the SouthEast Super Truck Series are pleased to announce the launch of the series all-new website.

The SouthEast Super Truck Series will begin it’s first year of competition during the 2012 season and with the help of RACE22 Designs, the series is also ready to launch an all-new website at

The new website offers fans, drivers and supporters of the new series the ability to keep up with everything that’s going on with the series from schedule updates to new driver signing up to run the series and so much more. On the website you’ll find everything you need to know from the rules to the current schedule, the series sponsors and so much more. And, once the season starts drivers and fans a like will be able to keep up with the results in a timely fashion as well as the points standings and more.

“This website is everything we were looking for,” said series founder, Jeff Myers. “RACE22 Designs gave us exactly what we were looking for in the design and the content and I think our drivers and fans will be excited about what they see there. RACE22 Designs jumped on this project for us right away and got it done faster than I ever expected and did a great job with it too, so we couldn’t be happier with the final product.”

While Myers was happy about the design and the content for the site, RACE22 Designs Lead Designer, Langley Austin was excited with the opportunity to pair with the new series.

“It’s cool to be asked to do something for a series that’s just starting up,” said Austin. “This series has huge potential with the direction they’ve taken it already, keeping it affordable and fun. Too many series have got away from the affordability and fun that needs to be involved in one of these deals to make it successful and I think Jeff(Myers) and his supporters are doing it the right way.”

“Doing the design for this website was a lot of fun and hopefully fans will be excited about the content provided and we hope to give fans and drivers a like everything they expect from the website this year,” continued Austin. “The SouthEast Super Truck Series is going to be an exciting new deal to watch this year and I’m excited that RACE22 Designs got to be a part of this deal.”

Myers and the crew with the SouthEast Super Truck Series have been hard at work over the last few months preparing for the inaugural season for the Late Model Super Truck touring series, which will hit six different tracks through ten races in 2012. The series will get started on March 30th at Anderson Motor Speedway in Williamston, SC and will travel to other facilities throughout the ten race schedule such as Kingsport Speedway in Kingsport, TN, Lonesome Pine Raceway in Coeburn, VA, Newport Speedway in Newport, TN, Hickory Motor Speedway in Newton, NC and Tri-County Motor Speedway in Hudson, NC.

The first year series has also paired with the UARA-STARS Series, which is entering it’s 11th season of racing Late Model Stock Cars throughout the Southeast region. The SouthEast Super Truck Series will run companion races with the UARA-STARS Series at Hickory and Tri-County Motor Speedway.

Be sure to check out the SouthEast Super Truck Series new website at and for more information on RACE22 Designs website services be sure to visit their website at or contact them via phone at (276) 613-4208.


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