Philip Morris crossed the line on Saturday night in the second position in the season opener at Dominion Raceway but the final results show him finishing in the sixth position.

During post-race technical inspection Morris was found to have violated NASCAR Whelen All-American Series rule 20F – 6.1 (G-H) which reads as follows:

20F – 6.1 Ignition System
G. Retard or ignition delay devices will not be permitted.

H. Ignition amplifier boxes and RPM limiters that are analog only which do not contain programmable, computerized, or memory circuits will be permitted in standard ignition systems.

The violation as it was explained to us anonymously pertained to Morris having a digital box with built-in rpm control.  According to our sources, the rule isn’t enforced at many race tracks and is a zero horsepower gain on the dyno.

Dominion Raceway posted the penalty to their Facebook page today.  Noting that Morris’ penalty was a level P2, which resulted in a five-position penalty. Here is an explanation of the penalty levels from the post on Dominion Raceway’s Facebook page:

“Starting in 2019, Dominion Raceway has a Penalty System consisting of P1 thru P5 penalties for the top 4 divisions, LMSC, Modifieds, Dominion Racer, Dominion Stock. P1 = Warning, P2 = 5 position penalty, P3 = 10 position penalty, P4 = Last Place, P5 = Disqualification. Rules have been assigned a penalty level for when a violation occurs. Any violations of rules will be recorded, tracked, and assigned the appropriate penalty from our Penalty System database. We believe this will benefit both the track and the racers in making sure the penalty fits the violation and allows for a higher level of consistency in this process. Please be sure to read your rules for your division. If you are unsure about a rule, please ask.”

Starting in 2019, Dominion Raceway has a Penalty System consisting of P1 thru P5 penalties for the top 4 divisions,…

Posted by Dominion Raceway in Spotsylvania Virginia on Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Cover photo by Dinah Mullins/