Rock Harris put his No.33 on the pole for the third race of the 602 Super Limited Series season, with Bubba Gale alongside, Gale blew a motor during the practice session on Friday and was forced to drive three hours to pick up a new engine and returned to Southern National Motorsports Park to try and win his second 602 Super Limited race in a row.

The 75-lapper began with a six-place invert, giving Danny Brewer the pole in his No.4 alongside the No.07 of Kenneth Stimpson. Brewer jumped out to an early lead until a caution on lap six after Jamie Tucker blew his engine. Tucker had been off the pace but the car let go in a plume of smoke on the backstretch.

Danny Brewer and Robbie Brewer led the field back to green after the caution was over with Robbie Brewer taking the lead while pole winner Rock Harris moved up to fourth right behind Bubba Gale. The foursome broke away from the rest of the field. Gale and Harris fought for second while Robbie Brewer continued to grow his lead over the two as the race approached the 25-lap mark. The caution flew for Melvin Langley as his car lost power going down the front stretch and stalling out in turn two.

The restart erased the lead of Robbie Brewer, bringing him, Harris, Gale and Danny Brewer back together as the field restarted on lap 30, a few laps shy of half-way for the 602 Super Limited Late Models. Brewer took the lead back as Harris and Gale continued to run second and third, not able to get to Harris before KJ Stimpson got loose, with him not able to catch it and getting into the turn two wall hard, ending his hopes of a win.

Stimpson had been running fourth when he crashed and Billy Gregg inherited that position as the field restarted behind Robbie Brewer, Rock Harris, Bubba Gale, Gregg and Danny Brewer with 42 laps complete after a brief red flag period. Gale got the jump he needed and took the lead on the restart after Brewer got slightly loose beside Gale down the back stretch but saved it and continued. Brewer put Gale under heavy pressure as the field approached the 2/3 mark in the 75-lap race.

Gale and Brewer separated themselves from Harris who opened a gap back to Gregg. Gale and Brewer worked lap traffic with 14 to go, almost wrecking among the traffic. The field got the ten to go signal with Gale and Brewer distancing themselves from any cars in their vicinity.

Bubba Gale held off the charge of Robbie Brewer to pick up his second win in the 602 Super Limited tour.

Gale said about the motor, “We blew the motor yesterday and my son who works at Roush got us a motor and we put it in at about 11:30 last night, we ain’t went to bed yet.”

Gale knew it was close with Robbie Brewer but knew Brewer would race him clean.

“Robbie Brewer is a hell of a driver, he was beatin the paint off me the whole time, but he races clean but I might have cut him off.”

1. 83-Bubba Gale
2. 48-Robbie Brewer
3. 33-Rock Harris
4. 28-Billy Gregg
5. 30-Blake Shupe
6. 4-Danny Brewer
7. 98-Mike Henley
8. 77-Chris Allison
9. 92-Doug Patton
10. 07-Kenneth Stimpson
11. 69-Gerald Robinson Jr
12. 52-Fletcher Whaley
13. 10-Zack Linville
14. 34-Kirk Sheetz
15. 29-Melvin Langley
16. 90-KJ Stimpson
17. 77b-Jamie Tucker